I, Booker (part 4): Pro-Style Scripts

Another loyal reader emailed me to share his experiences with buying customer wrestling videos from one of the Underground federations — in his case, No Rules Wrestling (NRW).  My reader has commissioned four videos from NRW, providing them with a very specific script each time for their wrestlers to act out.

By the way, he happens to also be the blogger who runs the W.R.’s Screencaps blog, so we know he has great taste in wrestlers.  Today we will discuss two of his four creations, and the other two will be covered in a future article.

“I saw your custom match post so I thought I’d share some of my experiences. I’ve commissioned 4 videos from NRW. 

Two of them I really liked, the other two I was a bit disappointed with.  The first video was my personal favorite because it followed my script the closest. They called it Locke Destroys Rossi’s Ribs.

“Babyface Luca Rossi enters the arena dressed all in white. He’s clutching his ribs because he was injured in a previous match. Jason Locke agrees to a fair match and shakes Luca’s hand, only to kick him in the gut.”

By the way, NRW posts all of their custom matches on their Superfans page.  It’s a great source of low-cost Wrestle-Porn, especially if you’re into Customs.  You can download this video for $9.99 — it’s #277.

I can tell my reader is into classic pro-style wrestling, and I appreciate him for including the old style tropes and gimmicks in his script for this match.  He dressed the guys in trunks n boots — Face in white and Heel in dark.

He also ordered them to perform pro moves — a Body-Scissor, a Bearhug, and all these beautiful, beautiful Elbow Smashes to the ribs by the long-haired Heel on the clean-cut Hero.

He is also depicting a classic wrestling trope in this video, where the Good Guy foolishly enters the ring with an injury.  Of course, the cunning Villain then attacks the injured body part relentlessly.  Oh poor, dumb Luca Rossi, in the ring with broken ribs!  This is a big turn-on for me going back to the 1970’s when I first became addicted to the brutality, unfairness, and sexiness of pro wrestling.

“Locke attacks Luca’s gut until he passes out from the pain. The match is only 5 minutes but it’s well-executed.”   

Agreed — nice work by everyone involved: the wrestlers, the camera man, and last but certainly not least, the script writer.

My reader’s second scripted bout, The Devil Inside, is #284 on NRW’s list of Superfan videos.  It begins with cocky Dave Calbrese in nearly see-through white briefs trashing Luca Rossi for always losing his matches (e.g., see above recap.)

But Luca sneaks up behind Cocky Calbrese and proceeds to teach him a lesson in respect, pro rasslin style.  This idea of punishing an arrogant dick and taking him down a peg was also a common theme in the Golden Age of pro wrestling, so it’s fun to see it being acted out in this custom match.

Here is my reader’s take on the match:

“My second video The Devil Inside: Luca Rossi vs Dave Calbrese isn’t bad, but Luca plays heel and he doesn’t pull it off as confidently as the other wrestlers.”

“Originally, Kevin Calbrese was supposed to wrestle Dave but he had to pull out. I wish I would’ve had Dave squash Luca instead.”

This line really spoke to me: “I wish I would’ve had Dave squash Luca instead.”  This really explained to me, in just a few words, the whole appeal and eroticism of ordering Customs.

YOU are in charge of these hot men and their fates.  YOU get to decide who gets humiliated and bested and who will rule the ring in triumph.

And YOU get to spell out exactly what moves will be used on your chosen whipping-boy.  What a turn-on to know that YOU were the one who ordered Dave to suffer and lose when you could’ve just as easily reversed their fates.

“All of those videos are 5-6 minutes and cost me between $200 – $250. NRW standardly prices videos at $50 a minute. I’m not rich by any means, so I wouldn’t even consider buying a custom video for $1500, which seems to be the standard for the other sites.”

As a viewer of these Custom matches, I was satisfied with both of them — especially at the bargain price of $9.99 each.  All the wrestlers are handsome and fit, their gear choices are breath-taking, and the matches have a classic pro style vibe which gets me every time.  I enjoyed watching Luca’s story arc between the two matches, seeing him transform from the vulnerable and gullible Rookie in angelic white trunks, to a devilish and cunning Heel wearing red gear and eager to make his white-clad opponent suffer.

You can see more images from these matches on the W. R. Screenscaps blog.

I appreciate my loyal reader for taking a risk by paying good money to have these videos made, and for sharing his experiences with others who may be curious about Customs.  If you want to tell me about your Custom matches, shoot me an email or leave a comment below — it’s not too late.

To Be Continued…


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3 Responses to I, Booker (part 4): Pro-Style Scripts

  1. destoy alpha males says:

    Luca is so proud of his big bulge that I really need desrtroy it

  2. W.R. says:

    Thanks for checking out my customs, I really like the gifs and photos you’ve chosen, especially the last gif. Even though I wasn’t 100% happy with the action, Dave looked really hot being squashed. By the way, it was the NRW boss who chose to dress Luca in red, so kudos to him.

  3. Phil says:

    The bear hug is beautiful. Really nicely done.