Hidden Gem

Apparently the WWE Network is posting “Hidden Gems” to their vault section, including this recent posting of the Von Erich boys — Kevin and David — in Tag Team action.  It’s available on YouTube.


I dig the Heels in this bout — a pair of big, mean, full-bodied  and vicious foreigners.   Mmm, they’re gonna ruin Kevin in his pretty white trunks and boots.


What really made this a “rare gem” for me was a long display of mid-match Face-in-Peril suffering by Kevin.  Later in his career, he would barely sell at all, especially on his home turf at the Sportatorium in Dallas.  But these big daddies aren’t putting up with his Diva shit, tossing Kevin around like a ragdoll and groping his crotch at will.

Those matching red and white singlets on these fat sleazy fuckers are just the perfect Heel gear.  They’re both from Puerto Rico where wrestling was always rough and bloody and violent.  This adds a sense of danger in my mind, with our young Kevin finding himself in a bad neighborhood where the locals just want to punish his privileged white ass.

I guess the match is arousing because of the sexual dominance of Ayala and Ali, the sense that they can take advantage of Kevin and ravage him.  They grab his trunks, stretch his spandex, and grope between his legs a bunch of times.  This amps up the rapey vibe of this fight as if they’re molesting him right here in front of everyone.

Kevin is not a total jobber — he does manage some impressive offense like this amazing Big Elbow Smash.  He puts his whole body into it, exaggerating his leap and his slam.  Nobody drops Big Elbows like that, but I always thought they looked flashy and brutal.

We also see some attempts at Sleeper Holds and Iron Claws by the Von Erich boys — those are always a turn-on.  But they’re thwarted repeatedly by the Heels who rescue one another from the Von Erichs holds.



I read some online reviews of this match that were not very positive, that it earned only 1.25 stars, that it’s “sloppy and super basic.”  But these critics are not noticing the sexiness of the punishment, the rough tactics by these brutal killers, the “rare gem” of Kevin in clean white trunks presenting helpless vulnerability.

My favorite double-team move by these cruel Dickheads was this Slingshot by Ali right into Ayala’s waiting arms for a big Bearhug.  Damn, I wish I had a buddy who would flip shirtless muscle-dudes like Kevin into my arms where I could hug them!

There’s something very homo-erotic about this scenario — one Heel flinging Kevin into the other Heel’s embrace.


David would tag in and take some punishment as well, and eventually the Von Erichs of course win and the audience screams their heads off.

You can watch the video if you want to see these young heart-throbs take the victory.  I was more interested in Kevin’s molestation and jobbering — that’s the true “rare gem” for me!


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2 Responses to Hidden Gem

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Nice to see Kevin on the receiving end. His diva reputation makes me like it even more, even though I considered him soooo boring back in the day. It’s interesting to think that he was cheered as a good guy when I think nowadays, he’d generate heat as an entitled prettyboy.

  2. Sport Jock says:

    Love seeing prettyboys in tight fitting trunks and boots getting worked over.