Referee Bias

When the Wrestler 4 Hire website filmed the match between Chace Lachance and young Cali Boy, they included a ref.  This is rare — usually it’s just the two combatants in the ring in a W4H match.

Maybe they were worried about Chace’s huge power advantage and the ref is there to ensure Cali Boy isn’t broken in half by the bigger man.  Or maybe this “ref” is actually a wrestling fetishist who paid extra to fulfill one of his fantasies. Whatever the reason, having a ref in the ring to bitch ineffectively at the Heel and turn his back on all the cheating sets a tone of pro wrestling legitimacy that I appreciate.

Cali Boy is trapped in Chace’s rib-crushing Body Scissor when the ref reaches in to fondle the helpless squeeze-toy.

At this point, I begin to suspect that my guess was right — this lecherous “official” may actually be a wrestling perv living out his life long fantasy of getting involved in a match.

We’ve seen other Underground federations allow some fan or donor to get his rocks off by reffing a bout.  For example, my fellow blogger from the Ringside at Skull Island website was invited to UCW to referee a tag team match, their video #302.

You can read about his experience in his 8/11/13  article Bad Ref.  I wrote up the same hot bout in my 8/13/13 article “Bad” Ref in which I make the point that, in pro wrestling, a blind, clueless ref is the best ref to have.  Actually, now I’m thinking that a biased, cheating ref is even better than a blind, clueless ref.

This is where the ref crosses the line (and I feel it twitch).  Unable to resist grabbing the jobber and getting involved in the punishment, he holds the poor kid’s arms so big Chace can slug his gut!  The injustice of this scenario — the blatant rule-breaking by the OFFICIAL who is there to enforce the rules — is intoxicating to me!

Later the cheaters trade places.  Now Chace restrains poor Cali Boy using a Full Nelson, exposing those rock-hard abs to the Dirty Ref’s backhand slaps.  With his longish hair, the ref resembles a pro wrestler from the 1970’s or 80’s, probably the era he became obsessed with wrestling.  I wonder how he would look if he stripped down to a pair of cherry red trunks and black boots instead of wearing that ref costume…

In mainstream pro wrestling, we don’t often see a ref cheating this blatantly, actively assaulting one of the combatants.  It happens occasionally, like when Danny Davis put on a bodysuit and converted from ref to wrestler.  I suppose it would expose some of the fakery of the “sport” and shatter the veneer of legitimacy if the official — the paragon of authority in the ring — were to become part of the mayhem.

So Underground federations have an advantage over the mainstream product — they can “go there.”  They can mind-fuck us with the arousing notion of a sadistic, perverted official who uses his position of power to inflict cruel damage on an already out-matched victim.


I’m not sure who this ref guy is.  Probably he reads this blog if my guess is correct that he enjoys wrestling much like I enjoy wrestling.  So let me just say: great job sir!  You were just vicious enough and sadistic enough to make this beat-down very entertaining.  You added extra spice to the typical One-Sided Squash we get from W4H and I loved it.

I, too, have craved getting my hands on a helpless Tommy, Ricky, or Jimmy — even if just to run my hands across his warm, hard muscles and spandexed bulge while he lies paralyzed in a Nerve Pinch.  How clever to volunteer to serve as the referee to finally satisfy that craving — my hat is off to you, sir!  Why didn’t I think of that!?

By the way, the two wrestlers were great too — I’ve barely mentioned them.  Fantastic bodies (especially Chace, jeezis!), revealing gear, lots of gorgeous suffering by Cali Boy.  Some of the wrestling “holds” were a bit clunky, but there is no need for a perfectly executed technical bout when the point here, really, was for this “ref” to have his play time and fulfill his dreams.


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2 Responses to Referee Bias

  1. destoy alpha males says:

    I hate his nuts and want hit them too

  2. Sport Jock says:

    The ref should have done a btter job inspecting. He should have extended the front waistband on this dude’s wrestling trunks and check inside for any concealed weapon.