Bearhug Hungry

The website recently turned 20 years old — happy anniversary to the only wrestle-porn site that is older than mine!

Bearhugger also recently paid tribute to a Tag Team match on YouTube with the Dirty White Boys bearhugging Ricky Morton from the Rock & Roll Express.

The Heels isolate Ricky and punish his back with a ton of Hammering Blows, Over the Knee Back-Breakers, Body Slams, and targeted Boot Stomps — it’s some epic lower back work, and blond boy Ricky looks pretty in his red tights.

All this spinal torture is really foreplay.  They are weakening Ricky’s back to prepare him for some intense Bearhugging.

The first Bearhug is applied at 5:10 into the video by Tony Anthony, the Dirty White Boy in the white tights, and lasts for nearly a full minute.  Ricky sells it nicely, twisting his body to one side as if he’s reaching for a rescue and repeatedly going limp in Anthony’s arms as if he is passing out.

Once Ricky escapes the first Bearhug, the other Dirty White Boy tags in and Bearhugs him again.  This occurs at 6:40 into the video and lasts a respectable 25 seconds. We get another pretty display of suffering by Ricky as he reaches over Denton’s shoulder to try tagging his partner, pressing himself against Denton even tighter.

Then the White Boys make another exchange and Tony Anthony once again slaps on a  punishing Bearhug at 7:20 which lasts a glorious 30 seconds.  It seems these White Boys are aware that wrestling fans like me get into Bearhugs, so they’re serving them up like hotcakes today…

Ricky goes limp, resting his head on Anthony’s shoulder (I love when the Bearhug victim does that.)  The ref repeatedly lifts and drops Ricky’s arm, which falls helpless and weak like a deflated balloon.


Another video that the Bearhugger website mentioned, while on the subject of the Dirty White Boys, was their posing beefcake montage.  I never knew the DWB’s filmed one of these!

This is the typical sexy, flirtatious music video created for many Tag Teams in the early days of MTV.

Of course set to the tune of “Dirty White Boy” by Foreigner, Len and Tony are dressed as burly bikers, shirtless in jeans with gloves and suspenders.  We pick up a homo-erotic vibe as these two sexily-dressed men hang out shirtless together, wearing matching clothes and plenty of leather.  I must confess, I’m getting turned on by their butch look.

It’s common these days to laugh at these cheesy 1980’s videos, to cringe about the attempt to sexualize (or perhaps homo-sexualize?) the wrestlers.  Our society treats any deliberate effort by a man to appear sexy as a big joke, which I feel is a problem.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the MTV era, but I don’t think the White Boys are laughable or cringe-worthy in their beefcake vid.  I dig their Bad Ass motorcycle boots and bearish physiques.  I hope they stomp on poor Ricky and Robert with those nasty boots!  I like seeing them flex their muscles at the camera as they pose for us.  Rather than snickering at their video, I think its hot and fun, and it makes me want to watch them wrestle (or better yet, to wrestle with them.)

I like their team name too — the “Dirty White Boys.”  They’re basically announcing that they are sleazy Heels and they’re going to fight dirty — to cheat and maybe get dirty in other ways.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Ricky Morton is caught in his fourth DWB Bearhug — the second embrace by beefy Len Denton.  It happens at 8:20 and lasts for 30 seconds.  It’s as if the White Boys are using Morton, passing him back and forth like a fuck toy.

The repetition of the same hold empowers it.  If the effects are cumulative, then Ricky is harmed more and more by each hug, his defenses wearing down with each sequential application of the hold.  Sex is also a repetitive act much like this — the positioning and the rhythm, the pressing together of bodies in stasis but with friction between them.  By using the Bearhug five times in a row, the Dirty White Boys are both (it is implied) basically fucking him.

Here is how the webmaster described this match:

Composed of Tony Anthony and Len Denton, the Dirty White Boys tag out several times to trade bearhugs with Ricky Morton in five (5!) distinct bearhugs. Now that’s what you call bearhug hungry… or a lack of imagination that simply means bearhug heaven for us. 

Above is the fifth and final Bearhug on a very cooperative Ricky Morton.  It occurs at 9:05 with Anthony slowly dragging Ricky up by the hair to set up the Hug.  We get to enjoy 40 seconds of Anthony pressing dick-to-dick against Morton, and Morton pulling at the stronger man’s hair, maybe to pay him back for the earlier hairpull, or maybe a desperate attempt to loosen the pressure.

I was surprised to see my Dirty White Boys win by cheating.  Usually the R&R Express would pull off a surprise victory and their adoring fans would scream their heads off, but not in this match.  Here is how Bearhugger describes the nasty finish:

The ending of the match isn’t bad either: Robert Gibson from the Rock N Roll Express finally manages to tag in and destroy the living daylights of both Anthony and Denton. Chaos ensues, all four wrestlers are in the ring, the referee eventually forces Ricky Morton to go back to his corner. Meanwhile, Robert Gibson applies a devastating abdominal stretch on Tony Anthony for a submission, but his tag team partner Denton brutally chokes Gibson’s neck with … I think a championship belt.


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4 Responses to Bearhug Hungry

  1. battle-porn says:

    I think hot frot actions like these are required in every pro wrestling match.

  2. Mark says:

    OMG !! What Pro Wrestling Fan like me, ( yah, a Jobber mentality ) wouldn’t want to get caught in a Bear Hug by either Denton or Anthony? Chests, Biceps, Squeezing….OH MY !!

  3. Phil says:

    This is as hot as can be…….what a loss that we see so little of this in the current wrestling scene. Thanks so much for this post.

  4. RayAtL says:

    Bear hugs are such a hot move… one of the hottest!

    like yourself, I love it when the jobber droops his head on the heels shoulder, and drops his arms over the heels back all the while having his legs wrapped around the heel’s waist…. crotch to crotch… sweat running down both bodies… this hold needs to be brought back in today’s rings!