Flip Flops

I am into Flip Gordon with his puppy-dog eyes and frat-boy beard finally grown in. He seems so vulnerable.   So I was excited to see him featured recently on the He Is Out! blog — in the role of the suffering Baby-Face who endures all those gorgeous animated attacks created by the very talented blogger from He Is Out!

Flip’s opponent is another young lion with a similar acrobatic style — Will Ospreay.  As much as I hate to just steal another blogger’s images and re-post them here, this match is so fun that I need to write about it.  And the He Is Out! blogger said it was OK.  So all the images in today’s gallery are copied from He Is Out!

The sex appeal of this match is rooted in its intensity.  For some reason, Ospreay wants to fucking brutalize my Flip — are these boys in a feud?  Or is Ospreay so serious about winning and moving up in the ranks that he harms all his opponents like this?

I blogged about Flip before, when veteran Silas Young disciplined the young upstart.  The vibe of that match was Daddy vs Son.  The vibe of this match is Bully vs Victim.  Under either scenario, Flip plays the long-suffering underdog and I love him for it.


I literally got off on this Sleeper Headlock animation when I first saw it on He Is Out!   The casual dominance of Ospreay, just crushing Flip’s neck — the floppy helplessness of my bearded hero, his abs heaving for oxygen.  Whew, it may get me again right now.




The He is Out! blogger always captures the hottest, coolest moments of a match, included this sweet flippy-kick move by Ospreay.  As long as I’m copying today, I need to also repeat a comment that one of his readers posted to his gallery:  “You are really a master of your craft.”  I agree!

Oh you naughty bad boy — how dare you kick that cute face for no reason!

The privileged blond bullies always assume the right to inflict little bitchy insults like this and it kind of turns me on, I can’t help it!

Ospreay’s powerful boots are a big part of this story — each stiff kick further weakening and dizzying the cute recipient.

His invincible feet are killer weapons that Flip Gordon has no defense against, so we know Flip is doomed.  Ospreay can just kick him into submission at will — it is so unfair!


The two young high-fliers are presented as being evenly matched with similar tactics in their arsenals.  The factor that differentiates them — that will determine the dominant winner — is their attitude of aggression.  Ospreay is shown to be cruel and heartless in his attacks, utterly beasting Flip Gordon.

Great job by both wrestlers as Ospreay finishes off this helpless, submissive pretty-boy.  Great job by He Is Out! as well, for finding this exciting bout and sharing his amazing images.


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3 Responses to Flip Flops

  1. Mark says:

    Must be honest, as I to, saw this match on “He Is Out” just yesterday. LOVED it from start to Flips well done finish. Normally, when I see a Dark Bearded Daddy in the ring, and that of the Blonde Preppie type in the other corner, my heart pounds hoping to see the Bearded daddy kick the Blonde beauty’s ass. ( ie: Arn whupping cuttie Angels butt ) In this case, Flip so flippingly adorable with his ripped abbs and his dreamy “Kiss me Forever Eyes, it was all I could do, to pray Will pounded Flip’s abbs. And that he did ! The pic of Flip down, his eyes rolled back into his head? I Almost lost it there!! The moral of my words is this, Bearded Daddies look just as Hot getting worked over, than that of their Blonde counterparts. In Wills case, even tho Im more a Ground Punishment lover, the art form of his using both legs and Boots as weapons? Dropping Flip to the mat, his eyes saying it all ?? Perfection on the parts of both Heel and Jobber !! ( Great Job done by both blogs !!!!! )

  2. RayAtL says:

    I can’t get enough of Flip as well!

    I hope RoH puts him under contract and their team knows what to do with him. He could use a little seasoning but that will come with experience hopefully…

  3. K T Ong says:

    Flip is one good-looking dude!