Reigned In, part 2 of 2

This gallery continues my review of the Revival’s heel tactics unleashed during the July 2nd episode of Raw.  To recap, Roman Reigns had taken a beating in a Tag Team match earlier in the night.  Then the Revival jumped him and destroyed his ribs with their deadly Shatter Machine move.  And now the injured jobber is forced to get in the ring with the Revival for his second beat-down of the night.

Oh man, WWE is so hard on their heroic Baby-Faces and I just love it!

Reigns is working the “Injured Ribs” gimmick, bravely agreeing to crawl inside the ropes again despite the pain from his earlier assault.

Of course the Heels exploit his injury, relentlessly attacking those sore ribs.  THIS is why the Revival are my favorite Tag Team right now!  Get him, boys!


Another theme of the match is Roman’s refusal to tag in his partner.  Bobby Lashley is a spectacular specimen of manhood — proudly shirtless and swole, a breath-taking image of masculine power to goon over.

Yet Roman foolishly refuses to tag in that power-house, to admit he needs help from a more dominant Alpha Male.  So Lashley’s muscles are useless out on the ring apron while Roman endures endless abuse and agony.  It’s a fun (and homo-erotic) power struggle between the two Alphas.

It seems so unfair and unjust, for Roman to have to wrestle twice in one night — especially after the Revival illegally attacked him earlier and harmed him.

Now the poor dude is hurt, yet these sexy killers keep beating on him, and the longer it continues, the more excited I’m feeling…

My favorite moment occurred when Scott Dawson wrapped his thick thighs around Roman’s aching body and just crushed him in a Body Scissor.

Check out Roman’s selling — acting as if he’s about to cry.  I gotta hand it to him, his matches turn me on in spite of his unattractive costume.  He is such a helpless jobber bitch!

I did it again — I captured too many images of this one hold, so hopefully I’m not boring you.  I can’t help it, I fucking just love Body-Scissors and we get to see so few of them these days!

Dawson grinds away on the hold, further injuring Roman’s ribs.  If you’ve ever wrestled a stocky fireplug guy like Dawson, then I’m sure you know that their legs are strong as tree trunks and they enjoy smashing you between their thighs.

The Revival are presented as an effective and cohesive team in their matching white trunks — a happily married couple who share one team name.

Their opponents on the other hand are not in love, symbolized by their mis-matched costumes and appearances.  Their lack of mutual affection will be their downfall.

Get up, Jobber — I want to hurt you some more!

What a great pose of dominance by Dash Wilder, giving us some of that nasty hair pulling that I’ve been obsessing over lately.   Damn he is easy on the eyes.  Is anybody in the world NOT into Dash Wilder these days?


Just when I thought this match couldn’t get any more deliciously brutal, Lashley exits the scene, leaving poor Roman helpless against a two-on-one attack.  So my boys give him another cruel Shatter Machine to powderize his sternum, and Reigns flops around all broken and groaning.



Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!

A great Heel knows when we are craving even more relentless torture, so Wilder flies off the ropes to crush Roman’s body under his beefy body.  The sadistic and horny fans chant: “One more time!

Maybe Roman would fare better in these matches if he would wrestle shirtless in trunks like a Real Man…









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3 Responses to Reigned In, part 2 of 2

  1. Alex Miller says:

    I love Dash. I can’t stand Roman. This is the perfect post for me. Especially since Dash looks absolutely amazing in your pics. Thanks! I’d love to see The Revival get a real push as tag experts instead of being sidelined by temporary tag teams.

  2. outfitter says:

    What I love about The Revival is their no-nonsense attitude and lack of gimmickry in the ring. You want a rough-house match? You got it with these guys. You want a clean, scientific match? Well, they can do that too. Either way they perform, chances are their opponent(s) will leave the ring one messed up dude.

  3. K T Ong says:

    I love the body scissors, too. Always makes me hard. 😛

    Maybe you can do a blog post in future specially featuring this hold!