Reigned In, part 1 of 2

00helplessThis scene of dominance and submission occurred on the July 2nd episode of Raw.  Roman Reigns is in a tag team match against Drew McIntyre (his current master and overlord in this dramatic photo) and Dolph Ziggler.  Damn — McIntyre is looking awesome.

For some reason, Roman Reigns is scheduled to appear in two Tag Team matches on this episode of Raw, and this is just the first.  Do they not have enough guys on the WWE roster these days to fill the card, so they need Roman to appear twice in one night??



00hairI sometimes wonder if the WWE superstars follow this blog, and this match sure makes me suspicious.  I had just posted my article on the appeal of Hair Pulling on July 1st (see “By The Hair“), and then Roman Reigns gets repeatedly jerked and jolted by the hair throughout the July 2nd Raw show.

Here we see McIntyre take control of Reigns in the corner with a fistful of his long dark locks, but we will see far more follicle torture before they’re finished with Reigns.


00throatkickDolph Ziggler joins in the fun with this cruel Two Against One bullshit.

Reigns is propped up like one of those martial arts dummies for Ziggler to haul off and kick in the throat.  The casual disdain and lack of concern for their victim’s well being is just intoxicating.

01gotHairHere is some more scalp abuse as McIntyre snatches Roman by the mane again, adding leverage to the painful Armbar.   Reigns sells it wonderfully, howling like an animal in a trap.

The only thing that could improve Roman’s performance would be if he wrestled shirtless in trunks, maybe a pink or yellow pair.



For his second Tag Team match, Roman is scheduled to face the Revival, Dash and Dawson.

Unable to wait their turn, the Revival pounce on Reigns and punish him at ringside, taking turns holding his arms and punching him in the face.



Dawson must have gotten the memo, that wrestling fans dig hair pulling.  Here we see him twist up a lock of Roman’s hair to get a better grip on the scruff of his neck.

By the way, Dawson in that open ring jacket and white trunks is everything.  Damn — I’m triggered by this manly stud.

02bootkisserFor some reason, many in the WWE audience have come to hate Baby-Face Roman Reigns.  They chant for his destruction and enjoy it when he is losing.  I wonder if his submissive behavior, flopping like a ragdoll instead of trying to Man Up, is behind their disdain.  To me, his bitch-ass-ness makes him even more lovable and appealing as a wrestler.

02shatteredThe Revival’s killer move is this Two-on-One Shatter Machine, which is sure to break the victim’s ribs.

How is Roman going to wrestle these thugs later in the night after they’ve inflicted this degree of punishment on him??




Roman goes full Helpless Ragdoll as the Revival stand over him in dominance.  You can be sure the Revival are going to torture Roman later once they get him in their Tag Team match — focusing on those damaged ribs.   I can hardly wait!

03dazedI realize Revival are the evil Heels and I’m probably supposed to despise them.  But when they do things like this to guys like Roman, wearing gear like that, I can’t help but fall madly in Fanboy love with them.



To Be Continued…



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4 Responses to Reigned In, part 1 of 2

  1. Dino says:

    Roman has a hot body for sure and looks good getting manhandled. Love to see him in wrestling trunks or speedos getting worked over.

  2. Dino says:

    Forgot to mention that this hairy version of Drew is hot also. Honestly thought Drew was smooth as silk.

  3. Dr.Fever says:

    Great looking wrestlers …but I can’t take my eyes off Dash’s ass!

  4. outfitter says:

    I can’t get enough of The Revival either. As a team or individually, they’re studs of the highest order. If I took a beating like that from them, I’d want to swear out revenge on them, but in the end, I’d end up thanking them for the privilege of a beatdown!