Monster Mash


01lewisHowleyBritish Pro Wrestling is the best at presenting unfair match-ups, pretty-boy beatings, and utter domination.  The British fans really get off on seeing their cute young Blue-Eyes getting just brutalized.

The Heel team in this Brit Pro tag match are literally called “The Monsters.”  They are big, beefy, and fully clothed in black spandex.  For a tasty appetizer, the promoters fed them “Lighting” Lewis Hawley and some other cute, skinny lad.

Here we see Lewis in his little red panties eagerly wringing the Heel’s arm.  OK, enough shine, let’s Fast Forward to the punishment…




How is it even legal to put a skinny lad like Lewis in the same ring with these huge Monsters?!?

The Monsters are fantastic, cheating like mofos behind the ref’s back as the other Young Baby-Face in sexy yellow tights is restrained by the idiot ref.  God I love dirty Tag Team brawls!



The masked goon — Snare — gives the British fans what they love, yanking the bitch down by the hair, then crushing him under a huge Flying Fat Man Elbow.  Is it wrong to pop a boner from seeing a cute kid like Lewis Hawley in agony?

05flipped05abusedMy favorite scene was this coordinated Double Team series by the dominant Monsters.  They work together to whip Lewis into the ropes, elbow him in the lower belly (or the dick?), then snap his legs wide open to emasculate him.  For a couple of lumbering Monsters, these two Heels are crisp and cohesive as fuck –great work, boys!


02voodooNext, Voodoo gets to spend some time alone in the ring with the whipping boy, and it is deliciously brutal looking.

My only wish is that they would give Voodoo some mojo powers such as hypnotism or maybe a voodoo doll.  Let him use Dark Magic to unleash hell on his hapless opponents to really fuck them up and mind-control them.  I guess he DOES turn Lewis into a living voodoo doll when he clamps on a paralyzing Nerve Pinch…



Here is more super fun Double Team offense by these awesome Monsters.  Snare holds out his fist for Voodoo to flip the jobber’s face directly into it!   Lewis plays along nicely, degrading himself by allowing his face to bash into that waiting fist, then selling the fuck out of his dazed helplessness.  Beautiful!


This move turned me on — poor Lewis is held down, restrained by the wrists which leaves his ribcage exposed.  THEN BIG FAT SNARE SPLASHES RIGHT DOWN ON HIM, utterly crushing our poor Lighting Lewis.

You Brit Pro suffer-perverts really got your money’s worth in this match, huh?





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  1. Dr.Fever says:

    Non UK people might not know that Lewis Howley was recently on the tv show First Dates …but the girl walked out on him halfway through the date.
    The crazy girl, imagine the role playing they could have had, she could have helped him practice his submissive side – like he shows in these hot photos.