Warrior Slaughter

01warriorOne of my loyal readers has launched a wrestling blog called W.R.’s Screen Caps, which is great news!  I always enjoy reading the other wrestling blogs and I’m inspired by their comments, images, reactions, etc. — so the more, the merrier!   Welcome to the blogosphere, WR and  keep up the great work!  I’ve added a link to your blog in my right-hand margin.

Recently WR completed a three part series on the Ultimate Warrior being punished by Sgt. Slaughter.  All of the images in today’s article are from his blog, with comments he wrote pasted as captions under the photos.  He posted more (and larger) images than I’ve sampled here, so go visit his blog if you want the full experience.



The Warrior’s swole physique is on display in his skimpy white speedo.  Slaughter is assisted by Randy Savage who assaults the Warrior outside the ring while the ref is distracted.

The specific images that WR decided to capture and post have me thinking he is triggered by the same scenarios as I am:

  • Muscle-man weakened
  • Baby-Face Hero in peril
  • Unfair two-against-one attack
  • Suggestive displays of agony

After growing up believing I was the only weirdo turned on by wrestling, it’s always a pleasure to find a fellow enthusiast who “gets” the sex appeal of trunks, boots, and ring ropes.


WR has a good eye — he knows just when to click the Capture button.  For instance, here we see our hero, exhausted and immobile, miles away from the ring, defiantly raising his arm like an erection in a stiff pose of desperation.

I foresee great things from WR because he can recognize the hottest, most dramatic moments in a match.


I was never a huge Ultimate Warrior fan.  You won’t find galleries devoted to him in my blog archives.  I think it was his over-the-top intensity, the cheesy face paint, the insane, rambling interviews that turned me off.   It was too much and Warrior usually failed to sell his pain and suffering enough for my tastes (I prefer my Baby-Face wrestlers to be wimpy and vulnerable).


But WR’s blog has me re-visiting the Ultimate Warrior as he rolls around in his tight-ass little white trunks.  He does have an amazing physique and I have a weakness for white gear.  In this particular match, he suffers nicely for Slaughter and Savage (which are awesome Heel names, by the way.)  And THIS is why I enjoy seeing more and more fans beginning to blog about their wrestling turn-ons — because i can then understand their excitement and begin to see their perspective.  I often become just as excited as they are by viewing pro wrestling though their eyes.


05bearhugWR provides some beautiful images of this long, crushing Bearhug, again revealing a natural talent for seeing and capturing the hottest moments in a match.

I love when the Bearhug victim falls limp, his chin resting on the hugger’s shoulder as they dance cheek to cheek.  This is a trigger for me, that mix of tenderness and brutality that makes wrestling sexy, and W.R. caught that exact moment perfectly in this image.


06clutched06pinAfter some more cheating by Randy Savage, the Ultimate Warrior is defeated (by pudgy old Sgt. Slaughter — what a humiliation!)  WR caught the Money Shot with Warrior’s strong legs spread wide apart.

So please check out WR’s blog and drop him some comments of praise and encouragement.  I think he’s doing fantastic work and we need to promote it.  After all, I’m not going to be here blogging about wrestling forever — I have other things to do.  So we need to find and develop some new blood — the next generation of wrestling blogger to tag me out.




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3 Responses to Warrior Slaughter

  1. W.R. says:

    Thanks so much for the endorsement. I love the title of the post too. This match was an awakening for me. I was too young to fully appreciate it at the time but a couple years later I came across it in a magazine. It was then that I realized my interest in pro wrestling was deeper than usual.

    All the best to you and your blog. I hope you don’t plan on tagging out anytime soon.

  2. This was contrasted with “A Match Made in Hell”, the main event of the show, which was a handicap tag team match between WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior against Sgt. Slaughter , General Adnan and Colonel Mustafa . It was Slaughter’s final on-screen appearance as an Iraqi sympathizer, a storyline fueled by the Gulf War .

  3. donthurtmypecs says:

    Another turn on: the fully-clothed Heel up and against the Muscleman Hero in just skimpy briefs. Sure the briefs are regulation gear and it’s the overly-dressed werstler here who is the oddity, but it still makes the Hero look like he is prancing around in his underwear showing off, which must makes him “deserve” to be punished even more.

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