Outrage in a Cage, part 1 of 2

01staredown One of my loyal readers sent me a few dozen pages from this violent Manga comic book about a buff wrestling hero named Hiba.  The name of the series, translated to English, is “The Legend of the Fighting Dragon.”  In this climactic scene, young Hiba is in an Ultimate Fighting cage (with barbed wire wrapped around the ring posts) to battle his foreign nemesis: a hyper-masculine, moustached American named Samson.

The red text is my own English narrative of the action pasted over the original Mandarin.  My loyal reader sent me many translations, which I used as inspiration, but I added my own twists and pushed the erotic tone a bit further.


01start01strangleThe match begins with the American brute acting naughty and aggressive right away, strangling young Hiba which is apparently legal in a cage fight.  My reader described the stakes and rules of the match as follows:

The story is about Hiba, challenging Samson for the title of the Strongest Fighter.

In this match, eye poking and choking are allowed.  Any one who get knocked down three times, taps out, or fails to get to his feet before 10 counts, is considered losing.

02kickedHere is an example of where I put my own twist on the story.  Samson unleashes a Spinning Heel Kick which I’ve described as the “Patriot Missile.”  As a pro wrestling enthusiast from way back, it’s seems sexier to me when the Heel uses a trademark move that he’s named in reference to his heritage or homeland.

Using the “Patriot Missile” repeatedly (we will see Samson kick Hiba again later) makes this fight seem like a relentless shelling, the use of superior firepower to batter the disadvantaged and weakening homeland defenses.  This adds to Hiba’s peril, implies an invasion or assault, and touches on a larger political narrative between rival nations — East vs. West.



I originally intended to just create a few panels of this story translated into English and link you to the original cartoon.  It is time consuming to replace all the Mandarin characters with English, fitting the words into each box while keeping it legible and brief.

But I really started to enjoy myself, and my creative juices started flowing.  So I ended up converting nearly every page and panel from the bout, inserting the classic pro wrestling phrases and terms from my spank bank that tend to get me going.  For example, I talk about the “brute” ripping the “pretty young hero” “limb from limb.”  I love that rough talk.

FIGHT-I (13)Here the original version of the above page without translation to give you an example of the source material.  My reader explained the Mandarin text on this page as:

Top: “Samson’s strength is beyond belief!

Bottom right: “He starts attacking with pushes, and then he uses lightning fast spinning kicks and jump kicks to subdue Hiba.”

Bottom left: “These are the signature moves of other legendary wrestlers, who are sitting right next to the cage!  That’s  why people call him Mr. Wrestling!


03coldcockedThe graphic violence intensifies as Samson busts open Hiba’s boyish face and proceeds to pummel him with huge phallic fists.  In my descriptions, I present Samson as a Sadist, my comments indicating that he gets off on harming young Hiba.  It was sort of implied by his leering facial expressions, but I made it more explicit.

Being a Manga comic, extreme brutality is allowed and we don’t censor the artist in disgust because it’s just a drawing, a work of fiction.  No real people were harmed in the making.  It’s violence-porn really, and if you don’t get off on it, then just don’t look at it.



  • Mmm, this whole-page image of Samson grinning in the pleasure of dominance as he OWNS young Hiba by the hair is a work of art.  I want it printed extra large, framed, and hung over my bed.

By the way, this match occurs within a much longer story about Hiba’s entire wrestling career and long relationship with Samson.  There are 7 books in total, each over 200 pages long and each containing multiple (brutal) fights, some in a pro ring, some on the streets!

The link to the entire series of books is: https://tw.manhuagui.com/comic/7091 but I warn you, the website can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know Mandarin, and it was a slow and clunky — the server must be overloaded.


This image of Hiba wrapped in barbed wire is from a different match in the series.  My hope was to review all 7 books and link you to the hottest matches from each, but the website keeps timing out for me and I ran out of time and patience.

Maybe some of you with a better internet connection can go thru the 7 books and let us know the page numbers of the best matches?  Maybe you could volunteer to provide a book report on just one of the seven chapters in the overall series.   Below are links to all 7 books:



Samson begins to grind Hiba’s face back and forth against the cage mesh to ugly him up and mangle his handsome boyish appearance.  This sounds very brutal, the sort of cruelty we should only find in a Manga fantasy novel, but actually this was a common tactic in the brutal cage matches in the 1970s and 80s in real life — well, at least in the world of pro wrestling.

Then Hiba’s eye approaches a spike of the barbed wire that entangles the ring posts.  Is Samson trying to blind this kid permanently?!   This story seems to be written for people who get off on extreme violence, which is apparently as common of a fetish in the East as it is in the West.



Well this is enough violence and Manga-porn for today.  If you want more, follow the links above and see what you can find — and let the rest of us know too!  Or better yet, create a translated comic book like this one and post or send me your creations for all of us to enjoy!

Stay tuned to this blog for Part 2 of this brutal Outrage in a Cage — which I will post when I can find the time to create and edit the remaining panels.

Will young Hiba be able to over-come Samson’s relentless onslaught and win the match for the praise and honor of his countrymen?

To be continued…








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  1. battle-porn says:

    When I read this manga, I often felt something was missing. With these new texts, it is finally complete because the eroticism that underlies in pro wrestling is revealed.