Rando Rasslin Rumination

classicBrutedoubleBusterIs it just me, or are there more and more wrestling lovers posting more and more sexy in-ring images on Social Media these days?

If you are the one who posted any of today’s featured wrestle-porn images, thanks for sharing!  These all were a turn-on for me, including this brutal Nut-Busting series — repeated knees dropped onto some bearded stud’s baby-makers to totally neuter him!

beyondsexyAnd the many Sleeper Holds I’ve been finding online are always a pleasure.  I’d love to spend some time in the ring with this cutie after his ruthless opponent is done putting him out.






LookAtItI always say that I need to blog more about David Starr — I’m a huge fan, so feel free to keep on posting and re-posting his hotness.

Here we see him first as a submissive Sleeper victim (above), and then playing  Big Swinging Dick in the ring as he pokes a dude’s eye out with that deadly Cock Thrust.


markstarrPinI wonder if David Starr is any relation to hunky 1980’s jobber Mark Starr.  They’re both hot and that runs in families, right?

Here the elder Starr stud actually wins a match, Suplexing some chump off the top rope, then mounting him in those tight-ass yellow trunks to pin him.  That’s hot!




I named this move the “Trophy Hold” when I wrote about it back in April 2012.  Sheamus loves to apply this to his good-looking opponents and I think they enjoy being placed on display because their bodies look fantastic.

For example, the view of that Pleasure Trail running from Rollins’ sternum down to his belt-line has the viewers thinking all sorts of dirty thoughts.





whiteLet me finish today’s gallery with some photos of awesome pro boots that I saw in some recent Tumblr posts — how do I Swipe Right for THESE?!   Above is a shiny white pair of Hero boots which is my secret fetish.   Then check out the beautiful yellow pair below, followed by some of the sexiest red boots I’ve seen in the ring in years.









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3 Responses to Rando Rasslin Rumination

  1. battle-porn says:

    Nowadays Tumblr seems to be the place to go if you want to see tantalizing wrestling images. But if I want to read super hot wrestling stories I always come back here. Thanks for including several sleeper holds and Thorne’s beautiful bulge in this edition of rumination.

  2. G says:

    the pics of jonny firestorm stomping on chris dickinsons bulge in the tree of woe are from blackandwhite1789 tumblr there are losts of pics and gifs of chris dickinson jobbing to other wrestlers, its very hot

  3. Mike says:

    The sleeper from Beyond Wrestling was sent to me by one of my Tumblr followers. Pretty great match overall…and that KO ending…ugh lol. Here’s the full match https://youtu.be/eTnn3MdY_w8