Power Differential

01XavierDanielsOne of my loyal readers sent me the link to this match on YouTube featuring this powerful brute in skimpy white trunks — Xavier Daniels.  He utterly dominates and owns a cute young white boy named Dave Segan.  The magnitude of Xavier’s strength advantage makes the scene utterly pornographic.

I normally don’t post hand-held videos filmed by someone in the crowd.  The image is usually shaky and you just don’t get those sexy close-ups and the arousing verbal commentary.  But this match was homo-erotic enough, and the taunts shouted by the audience were enticing enough, that I made an exception.

02thrownEveryone in the audience seems to despise the cute white kid — Dave Segan, chanting that he sucks.  He must be a cocky Heel.  We hear fired up observers shouting rude comments like “Finish HIM!  Stop toying with him!” and “KILL that man!”  Their verbal degradation adds a naughty sex show vibe, as if they paid to watch some masochist being publicly humiliated.

03SuplexDamn, those tightie whities on the big black stud are everything!

And Segan’s little green trunks with his name printed boldly across the ass are also very distracting.  Fantastic gear choices, guys!

03strangledHere is how my reader described this match in the e-mail he sent me:

Check out Dave Segan taking on Xavier Daniels.  Two hot looking guys in tights, one in tighty whities.  And big and beefy.  I think this is as close to private porn as one can get.  From jobber to heel to one sided match.  Semi sexual taunt.  Even a low blow.  I hope you enjoy it.”  (Indeed I did.)


05belly2bellyXavier’s moves are meant to emphasize his super-human strength as he employs plenty of lifts and throws.  Segan comes off looking very vulnerable and helpless, which can be a big turn-on if that’s your thing.  Someone in the audience remarks on the “power differential” on display in the ring, so he is obviously into it.


06broke1After Xavier wastes Segan with this deadly Spinal Twister, someone shouts: “You gotta give it to him, he sold the HELL out of that!

In fact, Segan’s selling was so enticing, the audience begged Xavier to give him another Spinal Twister — and then another one after that.  They really want to see this poor kid destroyed!

06Used&AbusedSensing all the sexual tension in the air, Xavier pretends to fuck young Segan.  He gets it, that dominating a dude in the wrestling ring signifies a rape in the minds of the viewers.

Then he utterly neuters Segan by kicking his nuts up inside his pelvis.  And the horny audience gets off on it.


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3 Responses to Power Differential

  1. Indy Fan says:

    this is a hot match. what can i say. i love the guy in itght white big masculine man. and the little guy was a jobberish as one could get in public. a hot show down. what a match. i agree with you though on the camera angle. it could have been filmed a lot better.

  2. Guy LeBuff says:

    Sooo hot seeing the defenseless little white boy get his balls BOOTED into his throat by the big hot black dominator 😉 Amazing article!

  3. Doug-g says:

    I checked some other matches and Dave Segan comes out like an arrogant jerk and riles up the audience so I can imagine how enjoyable it is to see him get totally dominated and humiliated. Great match!