Applying Tremendous Pressure


A recent YouTube upload features Danny Spivey , a 1980’s golden boy with a mane of long hair that you just wanted to grip in your fist.  Spivey fit the mold of the Young Fan Favorite that was so common (and so appealing) in that era.  He was smooth, tan, and dedicated, with a hint of a feminine vibe and he wore revealing, brightly colored trunks that kept our attention on his crotch.


03pickupSpivey’s opponent is a manly, barrel-chested Heel named Terry Gibbs.  He wears black gear and pulls Spivey’s hair a lot to ensure we understand that he is the Bad Guy.

After Spivey’s requisite Armbars early in the match, Gibbs begins to punish the blond bitch with some Over-the-Knee Side Breakers.

03bendbackSpivey is wonderfully submissive, allowing Gibbs to own him and throw him out of the ring like a jobber.

Here Gibbs yanks the sissy up by his pretty long hair to bend him backwards over the top rope.  We join in Spivey’s humiliation by checking out his exposed bulge while he is being presented in this helpless position.


04hugsWhat turned me on the most about this match was a series of really snug and painful Bearhugs implemented by a relentless Terry Gibbs.  Fuck yes, squeeezzzze that big blond bitch!

After selling his pain a while, Spivey breaks free of each embrace (cuffing Gibbs’ ears, elbowing his forehead, sliding the arms inside the hold.)    But after each escape, Gibbs dives back in for another tight hug.



I grabbed too many images and animations of these Bearhugs, but I feel Spivey’s selling is top notch, and the video quality is superb for footage this old.

The appeal of this pairing is the contrast between the two men.  Gibbs is hairy-chested, wide-backed, and aggressive.  Spivey is pretty, blond, tall, smooth, and submissive.  The Bearhug series really emphasizes and sexualizes their complementary vibes.



05armdropI also enjoyed the portrayal of Spivey’s sinking deflation.  As Gibbs crushes the air out of his body, Spivey collapses into the shorter man, utterly drained and emasculated.  The ref makes him look pathetic by raising and dropping his limp arm.

This loss of power, this dominance by the smaller man, gives the match a sexy vibe, making it seem as if Spivey has been defiled and abused.



Normally I would end the article with the Baby-Face in peril (even if he eventually won in the end.)  However, this Big Elbow Drop by Spivey was too glorious and beautiful — I just had to GIF it and post it.

I can remember getting off on Spivey several decades ago, always suffering for us in his too-small trunks.  He reminded me of Barry Windham.  But then he faded away and I forgot about him.   This YouTube video was a nice reminder of this big yellow piece of eye candy.

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2 Responses to Applying Tremendous Pressure

  1. Dino says:

    Nice bulge on Danny. Too bad he never put on the tiny speedos when he wrestled. I only ever saw him in the full speedo. I find the shorter speedo about 5 or 6 inches below the navel very hot.

  2. Indy Fan says:

    i miss the good old days when you knew wrestlers would wear trunks and you could see them half naked wrestling each other.