Southern Proud

01TopGuysIt’s always a thrill to learn that your favorite Tag Team is going to appear on a wrestling show you’re watching.  This is why my heart skipped a beat and I felt it twitch when the Revival entered the arena during the 2/12/18 episode of RAW.  As noted in my article Actual Holds!, the Monday night WWE show is getting very watchable again.


Dash & Dawson’s opponents for this match are their old whipping boys, Anderson & Gallows — the same bearded baldies that my boys dominated the last time I wrote about them.

Oh well, it’s fun watching these big lusty brutes chopped down to size thanks to Revival’s knee-snapping leg abuse.  In fact, the Revival attacked Team Baldies from behind before they could even get in the ring.

02wildersgreentrunksLet’s pause a moment to check out the Revival’s gear choice for tonight, which is my new hobby.

If you thought their red trunks or their gray trunks were too damn tight, just get a load of the green ones.   The reason tonight’s match is all too short is probably because these nut-huggers are cutting off their circulation!

02kneeshotPicking up where they left off the last time they dominated Gallows & Anderson, here we see Scott Dawson target the tall man’s leg.

Both members of Revival will now work together to just own and destroy that injured leg, which has been turning my on for over 30 years and isn’t showing any signs of stopping.


03pounderWhile watching this match,  I noticed the Revival’s theme song, a grinding ballad with sexy lyrics that plays when they enter and exit the ring.  Their song is called “Southern Proud” by a duo known as CFO$ (pronounced: CFO’s).

Let’s break down the lyrics as we enjoy these images of the Revival at work…

03breakitSay YEAH! We go HARD!  All day, all night!

Announcing that you go “HARD” has an obvious double meaning.  Of course it can mean that you put maximum effort into your work (in this case, breaking your opponents’ leg), but it can also mean that you’re proud of having a big stiff hard-on.  The reference to going “all night” makes us think of the latter meaning, indicating that they have stamina and can keep it up for hours.

04twoOnOneAll my proud Southern people who be ready to fight, say YEAH!

Then we all shout “YEAH!” in reply, which aligns us with these masculine Alpha Males, showing our willingness to fight with them.

Dash and Dawson were both born in North Carolina.  Even though it has “North” in its name, North Carolina is definitely a Southern state which joined the Confederacy and is full of red necks.  This lyric presents Dash and Dawson as masculine, bare-fisted rascals — a pair of lovable but naughty Good Ole’ Boys from a humble background, like the Duke Boys.  I’m not from the South, but when their song invites me to say “Yeah!” and join their revival, I sure want to be in that number.


05stepslamWe ain’t ashamed that we came from the park”  (I think this means from a trailer park, further referencing their lower class roots.)

And if you’re lookin’ for trouble, our bite is worse than our bark!”  This metaphor likens the Revival to dogs, giving them a primal, animalistic vibe.

But getting bitten could also have a sexual connotation.  I’ve been told that some kinky guys enjoy a little nibbling with their love-making — on the neck, the nipple, even some gentle bites on their sack.  Is this what Revival mean when they say their bite is worse than their bark?


Cuz we them proud Southern boys till the day we dead.  We got fists made of fire and our neck all red.”   These lines just re-confirms their toughness, their proud Southern heritage, and their eagerness to thrown down.  They use improper grammar to emphasize their crude, tobacco-spitting lifestyle and masculine, unapologetic crudeness.

06shatteredWe keep it dirty!  Keep it gritty! We don’t need your slick, don’t need your city.

To say that they’re dirty and gritty can have several meanings: that they don’t wash frequently.  Or that they fight unfairly, for example whipping opponents into the ring steps.  Or “dirty” can also mean sexually adventurous, involving leather, and facials, and toys, and orgies, and costumes…  Oh my!

06winhug“All my proud Southern people, let ’em know that you’re with me!”

Yes, we are all with you!  This last line is like a verbal embrace, a welcoming invitation to connect with them, to form a homo-social bond by announcing that you’re with them.

If I let everyone know that I’m with you, can I get a hug like that?











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3 Responses to Southern Proud

  1. Dino says:

    Dash has a “man” belly. Love to get smothered by a belly like his. Nice and full, not a ball belly, just the right amount of hair and a good looking guy to top it off.

  2. Indy Fan says:

    Damn! righton! Dash Wilder is the Arn Anderson of this generation. Thank you Arn for paving the way. And thank you Dash for having the decency to look like Arn. Thank you to the blogger for bringing it to our attention.

  3. Outfitter says:

    These guys are pretty good. They sell their moves whether they’re on the giving or receiving end. I too appreciate the fact that they change their gear from match to match. Then again, these guys would be pretty hot even if they were wearing jeans only or dress slacks. And the hugs? Wish I could be on the giving or receiving end of that too!