Rib-Ticklers, Part 1 of 2

01buffHave you seen Bobby Roode lately?  Here is an image of him from the January 16th episode of Smackdown.  You can see that, since joining the WWE, he’s gotten his body ripped, swole, and tan looking.

When a wrestler starts looking this appealing, it’s time for a Face Turn.  So they put him in the ring against Mojo Rawley who recently experienced a Heel Turn of his own after turning against his former partner, the beloved Zack Ryder.


Each of Mojo's Knee Strikes cracks at least three ribs.

Each of Mojo’s Knee Strikes cracks at least three ribs.

Mojo’s fleshy pale body contrasts nicely against Roode’s tan hard-body.  We quickly learn that Mojo will be targeting the hero’s ribcage, striking him with knees and fists in an effort to injure him.

And Mojo takes his time dissecting his victim — I love Heels who savor their dominance.  After each assault, he just looms over the fallen Bobby Roode, just lording over him.



03abstretchThey know exactly how to build up feelings of compassion for Bobby Roode and get us to support and accept him as our hero: by torturing the fuck out of him.

So Mojo Rawley is relentless, going back to the injured ribs repeatedly in an effort to break the vulnerable man’s spirit.

04cover - Copy


Mojo has no intention of letting his opponent breathe.

Roode readily accepts the Helpless Victim role, keeping his arms draped on the top rope like a well-trained jobber as Mojo drives a series of thrusting Shoulder Tackles into his mid-section.



Rawley can't resist groping those washboard abs.

Rawley can’t resist groping those washboard abs.

During this extended Seated Ab Stretch, Rawley rests a hand on that chiseled mid-section, to draw our attention to it or to appreciate it himself.

This hand placement sends a message of ownership, as if Mojo can grope and grab his opponent wherever he wishes now that he is in command.



Roode calls himself “Glorious” which is written across the ample backside of his tight blue trunks.  He also wears a fancy Mr. Wonderful-style robe to the ring and rhinestones on his gear.  To see this “glorious” specimen of male perfection reduced to a rib-clutching mat-kisser is a pleasure to witness.






08gloriousRoode hits his Finisher and pins Mojo Rawley, but his rib pain persists.

During the post-match victory pose (damn — check out those arms and pecs!), he still places a hand tenderly on his damaged mid-section to remind us of his agony.

09tonite2Looking intimidating and foreign and glistening wet, Jinder Mahal enters the arena to challenge Bobby Roode to a match.  He must’ve been watching Roode in action backstage, and now he’s eager to get his hands on that body.


Mahal is so worked up, he wants to wrestle Roode TONIGHT, WHILE ROODE IS STILL INJURED!  Yes!  I can’t wait to watch Mahal further punish this stud’s ribs!

Like two jackals on an injured antelope.

Like two jackals on an injured antelope.

To ensure he will have the upper hand, the Heel sends his henchmen, the cute Singh Brothers, to kick and stomp Roode some more, further injuring him.

How in the world will poor Bobby Roode defend himself against more rib torture??    I can’t wait to see it.

To Be Continued…

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  1. K T Ong says:

    This Bobby Roode sure is one hot stud!