Dirty Old School Armlocks, part 1 of 2

HeelInTightsMy new favorite Tumblr site is called “Dirty Old School Wrestling.”  You can tell from the images being posted that the owner of this site is a pro wrestling lover from way back in the day.

The site only launched two weeks ago and he has already posted hundreds of images of classic wrasslin’ moves and beautiful suffering performed by masculine hunks wearing classic tights and trunks.

Just as I did in the earliest days of the Wrestling Arsenal, he seems to pick one hold to focus on (in this case, the Arm Lock) and then just empty his hard-drive folder of every image he has hoarded over the years celebrating that particular hold.

CanadianniceviewA blogger after my own heart, the owner of Dirty Old School Wrestling collects his images from many different sources including grainy old 60’s and 70’s Polaroids all the way through modern BG East wrestle-porn.

I love his stuff because he stays focused on in-ring rasslin’ action, sexy classic gear, and traditional rasslin’ holds.  These are my turn-ons too which you know if you’ve followed by Blog for more than a day or two.

wringerWhen he’s focusing on a specific hold, he sprinkles in homo-erotic artwork to spice up to overall eroticism of the collection.  Here is a masterpiece by the great pro wrestling artist known as “Bazotter.”

Seeing this goateed Heel working his helpless and horny victim’s cock while torturing him in an Ab Stretch creates a titillating impression in our memory.  Then when we see another image of the same hold,] — say Arn Anderson stretching out Paul Roma’s impressive abs — our brain pictures Arn maybe also reaching furtively into Paul’s trunks and whipping it out for some rough treatment.


HunkInRedThe Dirty Old School Wrestling site also borrows heavily from this blog.  I recognize my work when I see it — in this case one of the Rougeau Brothers being punished by some bearded Lumberjack Heel.

Some of you may be wondering if I’m offended when someone steals and re-posts my images.  I say, fuck no, as long as the person doing it gets turned on by the photos and is not making fun of my work.

I am honored if someone finds my images or captions to be arousing and takes the time to re-post them.  I enjoy finding my stuff on sites like DOSW.  Plus I don’t even have to write a new caption when I re-post the same image back again…

hotArmbarprobablyBazotterHere is another amazing image from Bazotter, one of his rare full-color works.  Bazotter has a thing for the older, snowy-haired or bald Dad wrestler working over a much younger Lad, so I’m sure this is his work.

During most of the time that I’ve been turned on by pro wrestling (i.e., my entire life since I was about 6 years old), I never got into the older wrestlers much.  I was worried they’d break a bone or something and I found their big bellies  unattractive.  But Bazotter’s artwork, and my own maturing physique, have given me a great appreciation for this vibe and this aesthetic — the big old experienced veteran Daddy stud in full command of his ring, yes sir!

ArmTortureClassicTagTortureThis image pushes all sorts of buttons in my brain.  The overwhelming power of the bearded Heels, looming over their shirtless Boy-Toy.  The arrogant fat fucker in the background, leaning his weight and resting his big boot on the ropes as he watches his partner in action.

Many of you will look at old-school images like this and think:  “That’s not even hot — the victim isn’t super buff and black and white photography is out-dated.”

But I just want to stare at their cruel expressions and think about the seated jobber and I want to congratulate the DOSW Tumblr site for unearthing and sharing this ancient work of art.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 6.52.08 AMApparently I’m not the only fan of the DOSW site who has noticed his knack for finding and presenting the hottest wrestlers.

GulakJobbertaintCamIt’s just a simple Arm-bar, not even the most devastating of wrestling holds, so why am I fixated on it?

The camera positioning is everything.  Their boots are everything.  The body contact, the sweat starting to glisten on their skin, the degrading presentation of the victim’s sack.  His utter powerlessness.  Who cares if its in black and white when it has all that going for it?!

I guess you either “get” the appeal of photos like this, or you don’t.  (The DOSW blogger clearly gets it.)   And I suppose nothing I can write will turn you on to the image if you simply don’t see the hotness.  But I still enjoy writing about these so I will keep right on posting about DOSW’s fantastic collection and why I dig it.


DrumbearArmlockHere is a hot image of the classic Armbar created by another amazing wrestling artist known as Drumbear.  I recognize the style of Drumbear’s work from other images I’ve seen of his (and got boned up over).

Drumbear’s work celebrates beefy and powerful over-sized physiques, the contrast of smooth body with hairy body, the focus on their muscles and chests and nipples and bulges.  His work definitely belongs on a website known as “Dirty Old School Wrestling.”

HurtHimI’ll let Bazotter have the last word today with this simple but very enticing sketch of a simple wristlock.  This one reminds me of the drawings I would make — or try to make, I was not this talented — in my notebooks during boring high school classes.  Geometry is much more tolerable when you got a stiffy forming under your desk and you’re sketching some scenes of dirty old school wrestling.

I am obsessed with the DOSW Tumblr site and I’ve now downloaded way too many of his images.  I will post more tomorrow…

To Be Continued…

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  1. Dr.Fever says:

    Muscle stud Paul Roma suffering, wrestling doesn’t get much hotter than this!