Suffering Sunday

onCementEC3WhiteEC3SellingaquamanI’ve been seeing some nice images that meet the criteria for my “Suffering Sunday” series.  The criteria are:

  • Attractive wrestler (preferably a young Baby-Face)
  • Eye catching gear
  • Laying in the ring or on the floor
  • Out cold, in pain, or otherwise helpless looking

So I finally accumulated enough of these images to fill up an entire gallery — here you go.  I can’t do a gallery every Sunday, but at least I can do it this Sunday.



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6 Responses to Suffering Sunday

  1. Indy Fan says:

    i look forward to sundays love my sundays those are fun days. the first two photos. indy feds out there should take notes. hot hunks spread eagle like that sells tickets.

  2. male destroyer says:

    i love suffering sundays and the doom of hot studs

  3. Sean Pford says:

    EC3…so beautiful.

  4. Jim says:

    Great shots. Keep ’em coming, so to speak.

  5. Dr.Fever says:

    That 1st photo is so inviting!