GuidoTeamed1Unfair two-against-one wrestling is one of my favorite fetishes, so of course I didn’t hesitate to check out this Double-Team video recently posted to the Wrestler 4 Hire website.  Chet Chastain is the white guy in the orange trunks and Alvin James is his partner.  I think most guys who beat off to wrestling are already very familiar with their lone opponent: Guido Genatto.

GuidoTeamed3The W4H website describes Guido as “an animal with edge, ferocity, and a seething sexiness that cannot be denied.”  And usually Guido is presented as an unbeatable stud, looking like he could waste any two guys, and maybe up to 6 or 8 little guys like Chet and Alvin here.   But not in this video.  In this video, they flip the script and show Guido as a helpless, whimpering, out-matched cream-puff and it really hits a nerve in the pleasure center of your brain when you see this tuff Alpha being utterly emasculated.

GuidoTeamed4Alvin and Chet are always fantastic as the Well Oiled Machine.  I’ve blogged about them plenty before, they are fun to watch — a flirtatious and cute inter-racial couple.  They even fought against each other once, a sexy S&M scene, which one of my readers described as follows:

“Chet’s dominance over Alvin in this bout is glorious. Chet toys with Alvin in such a controlled, methodical way. Based on this gifs and pictures provided, Chet never even shows a hint of physical strain in this match; he dominates Alvin from the onset and throughout.”

GuidoTeamed5So this video is a Sure Thing for wrestling fans who get off on seeing a powerful stud over-powered and humiliated, which is pretty much every wrestling fan, right?  And if your kink is Two-Against-One, then this one is a Must See.



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3 Responses to Out-Numbered

  1. Indy Fan says:

    these three guys are definitely hot. i would definitely hire them not all at the same time. though that would be lovely. but definitely one at a time.

  2. male destroyer says:

    I reallywant the doom of the stud in orange he is soooooooo hot

  3. G says:

    i am masturbating just looking at your stills of chris dickinson/guido gennatto suffering like a jobber boi