Hugging Machines, 3 of 3

bolly1bolly5This is the third gallery in our series featuring the big brutes known as Heavy Machinery and their cool Toss and Catch Bearhug.

Their victims for this episode are the Bollywood Boys — Gurv and Harv.  This is so damn unfair to put these little cuties in the ring against the massive, crushing Meat Grinders.  I fuckin LOVE it!

Tucker shows the Bollywood Boy that he knows how to dance too.

Tucker shows the Bollywood Boy that he knows how to dance too.

Tucker Knight always gets to hug their victim first, taking as long as he wishes to bounce, jostle, grind, and squeeze.  You can tell he really gets off on Bearhugging!  We get the sense that he is softening up the helpless man so later, when the bigger Machine gets ahold of their crush toy, the pain will be even more intense.

They just toss him over like a toy.

They just toss him over like a toy.

With a big heave-ho, Knight throws the Bollywooder over to Big Bull Otis for some even tighter squeezing.

I think that Bollywood Boy is Harv because he wears long tights while his brother Gurv usually favors the speedo style trunks.


Now it's my turn to hug you!

Now it’s my turn to embrace you!

Of course the Machines proceed to destroy and defeat their cute little jobbers.  But it’s all good — after their loss, the brothers show they harbor no hard feelings with one final hug of their own on their way back to the locker room.


I can keep this up all. Night. Long!

Here is Tucker Knight getting rough with another Bearhug slut in his grasp.  He really goes to town on this buff jobber, bumping and grinding like he’s really throttling the poor dude.

I dig those tall red boots on the victim.

Damn I love wrestlers who love to Bearhug.

Oh shit, here comes the Big Man.  Be afraid, jobber.

Out of the frying pan, into the Bearhug.

Out of the frying pan, into the Bearhug.

A jobber doesn’t get to choose who he will wrestle.  If they tell him he’s going against Heavy Machinery, then he obeys and tries to survive.

He also doesn’t get to decide what they’ll do to him.  If they decide to toss him back and forth all night, repeatedly Bearhugging him, then he has to take it.

And another one bites the dust.

And another one bites the dust.

Big Otis always gets to finish off their victim, putting the finishing squeezes on his back and ribs.

Otis is just so deliciously thick, so satisfyingly girthy and powerful looking, you just know a Bearhug from him would be bone-crushing and intense.

Whoever decided that these two big brutes should use the Bearhug as their primary torture device made a wonderful choice.

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4 Responses to Hugging Machines, 3 of 3

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    SUPER hot against the bollywood boys…LOVE to see it 😀 Who’s the second sexy stud that’s just called “jobber” LOVE his trunks…

  2. Aaron says:

    The red assed jobber’s name is John Ortagun, and it was very titillating to see his jock strap revealed out of the side of his trunks…while he was suffering from the tight hug!

  3. luvfightporn says:

    Smackdown, Bollywood Boys are gorgeous. Please use them; don’t waste it.

  4. Josh says:

    Luv those black jocks underneath those red trunks