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  1. rob aka BIGBOOTS says:

    Heh Paul; thanks for the continuing great work you do on WA. I was scrolling around looking for great boot/socks shots…and I found Whitecape. But I can’t find the story that goes with it. He’s shown in white … with tantalizing big boots – and rolled over white socks.
    I can only imagine how you could edit some of the gear greats I see on the site. To show the fellas , especially , ‘down/beaten ‘but still looking great in their boots. I’ve noticed boots rarely come off. There’s a tag match you wrote on… with Arnyz – in the big red boots …they all strip down at some point – I wish he’d kept those shiny red boots on – maybe even pulled the socks higher when they went at it!

    Cheers. Big Boots.

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