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Gallery 800
Latin Heat

This is a tribute to the former underground federation known as Junior Pro Wrestling Association (JPWA).  Probably the hottest wrestler (and he knew it) from JPWA was Brad Martin.  

(Photos used by permission)

This stud almost never wore a shirt, and spent most of his time flexing and kissing his muscles. Here is Brad in a skin-tight wife-beater and his trade-mark shiny blue speedo.  He's going to demonstrate where he got that hard body by working out for us.

Brad begins pumping up his muscles with some Arm Curls.  

Someone sent me a generous donation a few months ago and asked for a tribute to the old JPWA.  Here you go dude, better late than never!

As Brad begins benching, the vicious Puerto Rican tag team known as "Latin Heat" attacks the cocky white-boy!  They viciously slam the barbell down across poor Brad's exposed chest!

The Double-Teaming continues as one cruel Puerto Rican strangles the white boy, and the other slaps on the old Figure 4.  Can't we all just get along??
A lot of white dudes seem to enjoy watching a white stud suffering at the hands of a minority, and Latin Heat is more than happy to fulfill that fantasy for all the viewers at home.  Here Brad is disected like a frog in Junior High science class.

After stripping him of his shirt, Alberto Alvarez locks him in a standing Boston Crab, while his partner Ed Leon wallops Brad in the gut.

These cheaters are from Puerto Rico, where the wrestling was always barbaric and merciless.  So they grew up watching vicious beat-downs like this by Abdullah, Brody, the Invaders, and Carlos Colon.  They must think this is how you're supposed to fight.

They sure wore some great wrestling gear in the old JPWA!  As JPWA grew in popularity, we saw more and more wrestlers in the big federations switch to skimpy, revealing trunks as well.  Coincidence?

Leon tries to snap Brad's spine in the dreaded Torture Rack, while Alberto punishes the stud's neck.  Is Brad starting to enjoy this cruel, relentless brutality by his Puerto Rican foes??

Latin Heat continue to double-team their ripped white opponent.  They brutally crack his spine across their bent knees, then hammer his body like they're beating a drum.

(Photos used by permission)
One of Latin Heat's favorite double-team moves was to Draw and Quarter their victim.  Each would grab a wrist and an ankle, then start a Tug-O-War with the screaming man's body.

I'm not sure if the JPWA studs had formal training in Pro Wrestling, but they sure knew how to sell the pain.  Brad is clearly in agony as Latin Heat continues to abuse his muscular body.

This reminds me of a toy from the 70's called "Stretch Armstrong," a muscular action figure in black wrestling trunks whose arms and legs you could pull and stretch and twist.  The cheaters are turning Brad into their own living Stretch Armstrong!

This is outrageous!  They've tied Brad's wrists to the bar so he can't defend himself as they kick him in the stomach!  Ironically, they're using his own work-out equipment to destroy him!

With his hands restrained, Brad can't stop the studs from torturing him with various foreign objects.  Ed is tieing him up with a jump rope I believe, while Alberto drives a sledge hammer into his nut-sack.

Whenever a JPWA wrestler seemed to grow too proud and arrogant, you could count on Latin Heat to beat him down and teach him some humility.

Speaking of proud and arrogant, here is another cocky stud from JPWA known as "American Justice".  As he struts around in his ghetto-trendy gear, you can just tell that he thinks he's better than just about everyone.

Here is AJ after stripping down to his red, white, and blue speedo.  He grins as he strikes a cocky pose, proudly showing off his ink and his body.

American Justice seems to believe that this big tent he's pitching in his speedo makes him superior to other men.  He sure seems proud of himself!

Does he think he's a male model or something?  He strikes another pose like a GQ cover-boy, flirting with the camera.  Someone needs to teach this cocky show-off some respect!

He is still proudly on display in his paper-thin trunks.  Doesn't he realize he's just asking other wrestlers to attack him here?

(Photos used by permission)
Similar to Brad Martin, AJ decides to pump up with a work-out.  This is usually Latin Heat's cue to move in and commence with the beat-down.

Alberto and Ed have endured enough of this grinning pretty-boy and his self-centered antics.  As they get in his face, he laughs at the smaller dudes and makes fun of their Puerto Rican heritage.

American Justice embraces the Puerto Rican studs, like they're his little bitches or something. They invite him to demonstrate his great strength in a wrestling match.

AJ grapples with Alberto, throwing the smaller man around like a rag doll.  He has the size and experience to dominate in a fair fight with either of these guys, but who says they'll fight fair?

Next, Alberto suffers the pain and humiliation of a Pile Driver from the larger white stud. He's going to pay for that one, once Latin Heat takes control!

Eddie (blue square cuts) is quite upset, and Alberto (purple speedo) has finally had enough.  They open the flood gates and begin to teach the gringo a painful lesson, double-team style.

The Latin hotties apply a Double Dragon Sleeper, both hooking their arms over the helpless man's face as they apply pressure to the sides of his neck.

AJ is starting to pass out as Alberto takes him down to the mat.  This leaves his mid-section wide open for some punches and slaps.
Yes, JPWA had something for everyone.  Fans of gut-punching will enjoy this scene where Ed pulls back AJ's arms so Alberto can drill him a few times in the gut.

Next, Alberto demonstrates his Latino roots by locking on the dreaded Gory Guerrero Special, a deadly back-breaker from south of the border.

Alberto Alvarez has been around the underground wrestling world for a long time.  You can tell he really enjoys not just defeating his opponents, but sadistically humiliating them as well.

Oh yeah!  One of my personal favorites in double-team holds is the good old Boston Crab/Camel Clutch, where they both take a seat on the victim's back and bend him into a "U" shape.

These Latin hunks sure know their Double-Team holds!  Now they slap on what I call the Figure 8 -- a Figure 4 Headlock plus a Figure 4 Leglock.  I'm impressed, and probably so is American Justice!

Alberto masters the white pretty-boy, grinding himself all over the helpless dude's face.  AJ is being broken like an unruly horse at this point.

Ed continues to punish his legs while Alberto sits comfortably on his face, using his body weight to slowly smother the white hunk.  Damn, we need some more underground federations like JPWA to spring up.  These guys sure knew what we wrestling fans love to see!

Alberto looks down so he can watch his handsome victim begin to pass out.  AJ slaps the mat in submission, but the cruel Latinos ignore his plea for mercy.

Now the Latinos trade places.  Alberto slaps on a Figure 4 Leglock, while Ed embraces the American in a body-scissor sleeper.  They're just toying with this poor dude!

Ed Leon increases the pressure, gently rocking his boy-toy off to sleep.  He releases the Sleeper just as AJ begins to go limp.

Laughing, they apply the Stretch Armstrong just as they did to Brad.  I wonder if AJ now regrets his arrogant attitude?  I wonder if he's going to show more respect for the other guys from now on?

I think he'll be about 3 inches taller, and his knuckles will drag on the floor, once these Latin hunks are done stretching out his limbs.

OUCH!  Ed slams the American hero across his knee, while Alberto digs in for a big handful of belly flesh.

With plenty of double-teaming, Latin Heat reminds us how fun the JPWA could be.  Now it's Ed's turn to dig deep into AJ's stomach while Alberto takes a knee on his throat.

He cries for mercy, but the dirty Latinos just laugh and continue their relentless torture.  There is no justice for American Justice!

Ed loved to watch QVC and order anything he could use as a weapon on his opponents.  Here he grinds an electric massager with a hard spiky head into the helpless man's gut.

As Ed disables his arms, Alberto puts a dog collar around the white boy's neck to humiliate him.  This is getting out of control -- he is a human being, not an animal on a leash!

Ed pins his shoulders to the mat as Alberto slowly counts to three.  Maybe now that they've defeated him, they'll end this painful beat-down!

Just to show off, Ed again rolls up his victim for a second pinfall.  Poor AJ is bent into a very degrading position as Ed goes for a ride.

Although they've already pinned him, Alberto still wants to play.  He clamps on everyone's favorite finishing hold, the dreaded Sleeper.

As Alberto rocks their victim off to Dreamland, Ed uses his foreign object as a bludgeon.  The Latinos had to cheat to win, but they sure looked great doing it!

Ed leans in for a closer look, taunting the gringo as he drops off to sleep.  Poor AJ can't even defend himself at this point.

American Justice has been totally destroyed.  He's out cold on the mat, unable to even adjust his tight trunks which have apparently ridden up.

The sexy Latinos gloat over their white victim's limp body.  Alberto takes a seat on the man's face, while Ed uses him as a floor pillow.  Is this humiliation really necessary?
These Latinos are relentless, like hungry dogs that finally got a taste of meat!  Alberto watches as Eddie slaps on some hand-cuffs.  Do they sell hand-cuffs on QVC??

Ed grinds the massager into the sleeping man's skull.  Even if AJ were awake, he can't defend himself with his wrists cuffed!  

The Latinos enjoy themselves, celebrating their domination over him.  AJ has been taught a painful lesson in respect, just like Brad Martin and many other studs who ran up against Latin Heat.

Great job by all three of these studs!  Come on guys, anyone with a speedo and a video camera can create some similar wrestling scenes like this, get busy!

(Photos used by permission)