Trunks Appreciation Society

Happy Fourth of July, wrestling fans! Let’s celebrate the holiday with some images of Grade A American beef showing it off in the best clothing a stud can wear: spandex wrestling trunks.

Confession: I might have stretched the second image to make Cash even thicker
Probably NOT from USA, but hot AF so I included him

A Trunks Appreciation Society is just not complete without some views of The Viper.

I love a good reveal, when the stud at last peels off that jacket to finally give us what we’ve been itching to check out…

Not technically “trunks” but hot AF so I included him too…

I located and saved the above Old School partner photo because I was planning to recap a match on YouTube featuring Zbzysko and Garea in Tag Team action, with pretty-boy Garea playing Face-in-Peril and getting roughed up by I forget what Heel team. Meanwhile the hairy-chested Real Man watches his partner’s humiliation from the far corner — I love that stuff!

Anyway I never got around to making that gallery (the video quality was sketchy) and sort of moved on, but this is still a sexy Tag Team partner pose so I’ve posted it here today.

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2 Responses to Trunks Appreciation Society

  1. outfitter says:

    I’ll take Preston Vance and Cash Wheeler for the win, Alex! Love a good TAS submission; thank you!

  2. Phil says:

    This sure made my holiday. Cash and Finn in the same gallery. Hmmmm…..whom to choose!! I think that Cash is perfect. And then my old favorite, Tony Garea. What a hot oldie. I loved watching him in the ring, wrestling or waiting to tag in. I especially liked his matches when he teamed with Zbyszko and Dean Ho (who was an “Asian” hottie, actually from Hawaii.). All in all, a terrific gallery.

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