An Easy Victory Over the Exhausted Champion, part 2

In my last article, I described Drew McIntyre’s punishment at the hands of five other men in his Elimination Chamber match last Sunday. Today’s article covers what happened after Drew was able to survive and pull off the victory.

The cage structure is lifted and Drew has a few moments to celebrate his victory. Then a very angry Bobby Lashley storms the ring and spears the champ for no reason, knocking him to the mat for about the 20th time tonight! Then Lashley proceeds to pummel the champ without mercy!

Can’t you see he’s hurt and unable to fight back, you MONSTER??!

The punishment is quite brutal as Lashley whips Drew into the ringside barricade and conks his head against the announcers desk. It’s not clear why Lashley is brutalizing the champ so angrily. Yes, he is salty about losing his bout earlier in the evening, but that wasn’t McIntyre’s fault!

I suppose the reason for this post-match abuse — the reason most actions occur in pro wrestling — is because it’s hot. It’s a turn-on to witness such unfair violence. It’s a turn-on to think about this hunk’s frustration and pain. It’s a turn-on for this powerful hero to be out-muscled and humiliated when he’s at his most vulnerable.

During this torture session, we are treated to several eye-catching Dom-Sub poses with big daddy Lashley, looking so solid and cock-sure, standing over the helpless Scottish Warrior. The power dynamics of the image, the contrast of massive strength juxtaposed with defeated impotence, can be intoxicating if you’re the sort of wrestling fan who pops a boner for this sort of scene.

He looks so good in his snug pleather trunks!

McIntyre’s display of utter exhaustion and defeat was certainly noticed by his rival, The Miz. Planning to steal the Championship, the sleazy Miz cashes in his “Money In The Bank” contract, which he can do at any time, earning him the right to “wrestle” the ragdolled champ.

By my count, Miz is now the seventh man who’s put his hands on McIntyre and abused him tonight. It’s like McIntyre is pulling a train!

And it’s noteworthy that Bobby Lashley does nothing here to stop The Miz, allowing him to proceed with McIntyre’s utter destruction where he (Lashley) had left off. Fans are speculating that Lashley and The Miz made a secret backstage deal: Lashley agreed to attack and hobble the champ so The Miz could easily win the title and Miz promised Lashley a championship match at Wrestlemania next month.

Above I posted two different GIFs of the coup de grace — the deadly Skull Crushing Finale by The Miz — one from Tumblr and one I created myself. I thought they were both pretty hot and I like them for different reasons. We can just pretend that The Miz delivered two successive SCFs to fully humiliate and concuss McIntyre.

And just like that, The Miz easily wins! How fucking degrading for McIntyre, humbled by Lashley and then finished off by The Miz! THE MIZ!!?! It would be one thing for a Randy Orton or Seamus to defeat the champ in this manner — they are big bad studs. But Miz is depicted as a bit of a goofball, not the most disciplined or masculine warrior, so McIntyre’s defeat here is doubly humiliating.

Why would they do this to their Champ — why decimate and bury him like this?? I suppose they prevented him from coming off like a total pussy by having five other dudes work him over and injure his throat, then having a big brute unfairly sneak-attack him and knock him out before serving him to The Miz like a steak on a platter.

And for a certain segment of the viewing audience, McIntyre’s humiliation was very pleasurable to view, so if nothing else, the prolonged multi-Heel torture scene was good Fan Service. It earned a jerk or two from me.

I feel the same about McIntyre now as I did about the heroic Baby-Faces of my youth: Tony Garea, young Curt Hennig, the von Erich boys, Jimmy Brunzell. I loved these good-looking guys and in my heart, I didn’t want to see them harmed or beaten.

But then some cruel nastiness would ensue and, from the dark pain/pleasure recesses of my brain, I experienced all sorts of thrilling and contradictory reactions, at once dreading and craving more pain and punishment for my beloved Good Guy.

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2 Responses to An Easy Victory Over the Exhausted Champion, part 2

  1. Dino says:

    Seems like a convenient set up caused by Drew needing to leave temporarily for a family or personal issue that will keep him from wrestling for a bit. This is just my thought. I have no idea why this happened but I have seen it happen in other companies or federations when the champion needs to be away for a period of time.

  2. Phil says:

    Bobby Lashley dominating Drew is almost more than I can take. What beautiful shots and what a great sales job by Drew. Nice work by Miz as well.

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