101 Bearhugs

I recently posted an article called Headscissor Porn where I described finding footage posted on GayForIt.eu that was copied from a Headscissor Compilation video that I created years ago. I went looking for my old Headscissors DVD to verify this was my work, but I couldn’t find it in my wrestle-porn box under the stairs.

However, I did find a nice long Bearhug Compilation DVD with nearly two hours of nothing but Bearhug after Bearhug. I decided to make it available to you, my loyal readers, for your viewing pleasure. If you get off on Bearhugging, you’re gonna enjoy this one! However, I can’t post a video this long on YouTube (I think I’m limited to 15 minutes), so I uploaded my “101 Bearhugs” video as pornography on GayForIt.eu, which apparently does accept movie-length videos.

I could not recall exactly when I created my “101 Bearhugs” video, duping each little Bearhug clip from the master DVDs onto the Compilation DVD. I did notice a fairly modern clip at 5:55 featuring CM Punk being crushed by Gene Snitsky. I’m thinking that was probably contemporary footage, current at the time I created this compilation.

So I googled “Punk vs. Snitsky” and the two feuded briefly in the summer of 2008, so that must be when I worked on this. Hmmm, 2008 is more recent than I was thinking — I thought I was finished with DVDs and onto getting my fix from YouTube and streaming sites by then. Things really have changed a lot in the past 13 years…

I recently blogged about a training video I saw on YouTube where the experienced veteran, Sam Houston, teaches a younger student how to apply a crushing Bearhug (among many other holds). It was therefore ironic to find Sam Houston, at about 16:15 into this video, playing Squeeze-Toy for the Bearhug-obsessed Warlord. Now I see where Houston learned to “squeeze the life out of an opponent much like a snake would out of its prey.”

Yes it took a lot of time to make this video, but it was a labor of love.

I was a little wary about posting this Bearhug-athon on a pornography website — not because it’s immoral or sinful to jerk off to porn or anything like that. I was worried that the footage wasn’t sexually explicit enough — that viewers might leave negative reviews or frustrated complaints such as: “nobody is even naked here!” or “when are they gonna fuck?!?

However, in the two days since I uploaded it, over 1,200 perverts have already watched my video and I’ve gotten three 5-star reviews! Clearly a good number of porno enthusiasts understand why this video belongs on a porn website and they’re seeming to enjoy it so far — good!

So why does this video, consisting of footage that was aired on television, count as pornography?? I guess because pro wrestling is fairly sexy and homo-erotic to begin with — and the Bearhug is a particularly intimate and suggestive hold. The Bearhug is perhaps THE sexiest hold in wrestling with their bodies pressed together like lovers, their mouths just inches apart, their cocks in contact, intensity etched on their faces, etc.

Extracting the Bearhug moments out of dozens of longer matches and pasting them in succession fetishizes the hold, prolonging it enough to give you a good eyeful and time to get off to it, I suppose. The singular focus on this one hot hold, the intense obsession with it, converts it from ho-hum mainstream entertainment to sexual stimulant.

I will admit I pornographied the footage a bit by editing the video before uploading it. I went back and repeated the most obviously homo-erotic moments, zoomed in on their orgasmic expressions, used Slow-Motion to prolong scenes that gave me a hard-on, etc. I certainly didn’t want viewers on a porn website, eager to get themselves off, to be bored by it!

The Mongols were a pair of savage brutes with really odd hairstyles who seemed to end up dominating their victims via Bearhug in nearly every match. I decided to include the following clip from my 101 Bearhugs video because, lately, I’ve really been getting into those strappy Butcher-style singlets that the Mongols and other wrestlers wore 50+ years ago. They were so tight and revealing, so reminiscent of that classic Old-School Rasslin vibe. Yum!

And I’ll finish off with this tight, cock-thrusting Bearhug involving two of the hottest man-crushes I recall having in the 1980s — Tom Zenk and Paul Diamond.

Still haven’t had enough classic Bearhugs? You can go see plenty more from my archives on GayForIt.eu

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2 Responses to 101 Bearhugs

  1. Phil says:

    I love bear hugs, seeing them and being part of them, but the Mongols really do it for me. Their bear hugs were terrific, and when they were managed by Crybaby Cannon, they were a great team. Really good gallery. Thanks.

  2. Phil says:

    One more comment: see the match with the Mongols vs Terry Yorkston and Bobby Marshall…..it has a great bearhug ending and is on YouTube.