Hot Male Wrestlers / Wrestling Compilations

Trigger warning: Today’s article contains links to videos on pornographic websites. If you click the links, you may see images of nudity and sex acts and other NSFW content.

I’ve been watching non-pornographic pro wrestling on lately. I’m talking about mainstream pro wrestling matches that some of the users upload as porn videos because the action is so hot. seems to have a good amount if it.

Recently I came upon a very interesting compilation video showing brief clips from a series of Indy pro matches, with jazzy elevator music for the soundtrack. The footage is in slow motion with the scene cropped to the wrestlers’ trunks. You can’t see their faces. You can hardly see their bodies. Mostly their glorious bulging trunks fill the screen.

This particular video features Chasyn Rance, one of the Best Dressed Men in wrestling, wearing spectacular zebra-striped blue trunks beginning at about 5:20 into the video.

I must confess, I sometimes do this too when editing videos. I crop in on their trunks to get a better view. But I just do it here and there. Whoever created this video wants his face pressed right up near the wrestler’s taint for the entire match.

Chasyn’s long-haired opponent in the purple speedo is named Daniel Lacey. I actually recognize this match because I saw it uploaded to YouTube recently and greatly enjoyed it (both these dudes are HAWT, am I right?)

If you want to see the original footage unedited and without the zoomed in perspective, there are actually 2 different versions of the match on YouTube, both filmed in crystal clear Hi Def, but from slightly different camera angles:

  1. Florida Indy Wrestling Phillip (15:12) — uploaded June 14, 2020
  2. Carlos Indy (16:24) — also uploaded June 14, 2020

I really dig Chasyn’s Piledriver finisher where he bends his opponent over the middle rope, scissors the dude’s head, then jumps up to land on his ass, spiking the victim’s forehead into the mat. Very brutal looking.

Below is a GIF of this move from one of the original videos, not the zoomed in porno version, so you can see what I mean about this killer move.

This video was uploaded to by a user called edunger1313. I checked out his other uploads (mostly wrestling and muscle worship stuff) and I found a few more of these Trunk Porn compilation videos:

  1. Starts with Zack Saber Junior in British Flag trunks
  2. Starts with a moppy haired stud in purple trunks
  3. Contains Chasyn again at 2:35 against a young hottie in red speedo

Then I was watching one of these videos and a message scrolled across the top: “This video was uploaded to WWW.XVIDEOS.COM.” Oh hey, I thought, maybe there are more like this at this other porn site!

Sure enough, I found even more Trunk Porn vids on XVIDEOS under a user account called virtualnoche16, but a few of these are duplicates of the ones on GayForIt:

I do not have time right now to check out all these Trunk Fetish videos in detail and see if they’re any good. I may revisit the list later when I need something to watch to wind down before bed. Do me a favor – if you really enjoy any scenes in these videos, leave me a comment of what you saw and in which video.

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3 Responses to Hot Male Wrestlers / Wrestling Compilations

  1. Boston kid says:

    Thanks as always for this – you really are great sharing all of these finds!
    Loved the single leg Boston Crab in video 3 (red speedo) – I am obsessed with the Boston as you know from previous emails etc.

  2. jay snapper says:

    very very hot post buddy! I continue to be amazed at your content…. any chance you are a heel? dom?do real??

  3. Mark says:

    To be honest, I don’t usually enjoy the slow motion videos because most of the ones I’ve seen tend to loop a scene over and over and I don’t really like that. That said, I have now become a fan of the slow-mo videos. The match you featured and Compilation #30 have changed my mind.

    I love to see a man bent over from the rear view. To see his junk from that angle always gets me going (I’m particularly thinking of seeing Matt Stryker from this vantage point) and #30 has lots to see if you’re into it.

    Thanks so much for the recommendations. After I “recharge the batteries” I’m sure I will enjoy these videos again and again.