Headscissor Porn

About 20 years ago, when DVDs were the state-of-the-art tech for recording pro wrestling, I made several Hold Compilation DVDs. These were video montages focusing on a single hold for an entire two-hour DVD, with just clip after clip of, say, Bearhugs, or Sleeper Holds, or Scissors.

If I recall correctly, I recorded these DVDs by connecting the Video Out ports from one DVD Player to the Video In ports on another. Then I’d play my wrestling videos on the first machine and, when I saw someone apply whatever hold I was working on, I’d hit Record on the second machine which would add the clip to the end of the DVD in progress.

So a few days ago, I was searching for Wrestle-Porn on the GayForIt.EU porno website, as one does. And I spotted a video called “Heaven in Headscissors.”

I get off on Scissors, so I decided to watch this video. To my surprise, I RECOGNIZED THIS AS ONE OF MY COMPILATION VIDEOS I CREATED LIKE 20+ YEARS AGO!

I know and recognize every Scissor in this video! It’s only 10 minutes that was extracted from my much longer video, but this is definitely my work! I even recognize some of my edits, where I would go back and re-record a hot moment to savor the visual effect — such as when Calvin Knapp grinds on the pressure and nearly causes Alex Porteau to legit pass out (see below.)

I always loved that close-up on Porteau’s worried face, locked between Knapp’s thick thighs as he starts to go limp, so I repeated it several times in my beat-off compilation which you can see at the 9:00 minute mark into the “Heaven in Headscissors” video.

Before video streaming, we used to trade DVDs in the mail to expand our collections. I’d copy and send you my “Best of Marcus Bagwell” DVD, for example, if you’d ship me your “80’s Pretty-Boy Tag Teams” compilation. I don’t specifically recall sending anyone my Headscissor DVD, but I must have because I certainly didn’t post it on GayForIt.

By the way, I searched through the box of old DVDs I have stashed under my stairs to find the original copy and verify that this is my work, but I couldn’t find this DVD. Maybe I sent someone the original master copy. I did find my old Bearhug and Sleeper Compilations, but not the Headscissor one…

I’m happy to see my old video again — it’s like running into an old crush who is still as hot as he used to be. I’m feeling proud of this video too, for several reasons:

  • I’m proud that someone thought my video was good enough and sexy enough to be uploaded and shared with the world.
  • I’m proud that my video qualified as “pornography” — that it landed on a porn site. This verifies that mainstream pro wrestling is homo-erotic to many people, that it’s meant to get guys turned on and masturbating just like regular porn.
  • I’m proud to see that over 33,000 people had watched my video since it was uploaded in 2012. I made it for my own enjoyment and shared it with probably just one or two other dudes, yet it’s clearly made the rounds and hopefully brought pleasure to many others.

You just never know where something you’ve created might reappear. To whomever posted my video on GayForIt, it’s all good, thanks for doing that!

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One Response to Headscissor Porn

  1. Phil says:

    Great gallery. Nobody could do this as well as Bockwinkel. It was as if he was doing a legs and arms workout. He kept up the pressure and grinding seemingly endlessly. And I loved Triple H’s early days. Kowalski trained him well.