My New Play-Toy

Back on October 26, I blogged about a Weekend Wrestling match where Cash Kellogg sold his orange-spandexed ass off in a prolonged pro-style beating. I expressed my desire to see more of this hunky jobber in future Weekend Wrestling bouts, stating: “I hope he sticks around.”

Sure enough, Kellogg was back in the ring for the 12/5/20 squash match posted by Weekend Wrestling, looking even more spectacular in bulging aqua blue briefs. The Heel selected to deliver Cash’s latest torture session is veteran bad-ass, “Brutal” Brendan Byers. This is gonna be GOOOOOD!!

A recurring theme in this match is the concept of the muscle-jobber, Cash Kellogg, as a play-thing — a toy meant to entertain dominant Brendan Byers. Brendan happily comments on having “a new play-toy” soon after stepping in the ring, and refers to Cash as his “toy” several more times during their match. It’s both insulting and sexy, reducing Cash to an object — a beautiful object for sure, but an object nonetheless.

Weekend Wrestling’s match description conveys this sense of ownership by using terms like “he now feels entitled…“, “he literally believes that he owns these poor boys,” and “(Cash) is quickly rendered quite helpless.”

This sense of ownership, this entitlement by a wrestling Heel to use and abuse his jobber, is what gives pro wrestling matches a sexually charged and homo-erotic tone. We see the Heel freely groping and touching the other man’s body wherever he wishes, pulling his hair, gripping his throat, placing a hand on any intimate body part he desires “as though it were his.” The Heel takes ownership through touch.

A some point in nearly every pro wrestling match, we see a man lose his power and agency, rendered motionless, paralyzed, exhausted, or asleep. In no other sport does the competition continue when a competitor is down and injured, but in pro wrestling, this is Business As Usual. We see the ragdoll jobber’s body utterly vulnerable to whatever use or abuse the dominant male wishes to inflict. It doesn’t require much imagination to fantasize all sorts of debauchery, lewdness, or raunchy abuse by a sadistic Heel on his helpless (and often, sexually attractive) “play-toy.”

Speaking of “raunchy abuse,” Byers sexualizes the scene with some Face Sitting and Chin-to-Balls Headscissoring on the submissive Cash Kellogg. Brendan’s manhood is presented here as powerful and effective, potent enough to smother and weaken his victim. Cash’s manhood, in contrast, is depicted as crushed, broken, and impotent after Brendan begins to squeeze them like ripe lemons.

Kudos to Weekend Wrestling for putting wrist tape on both wrestlers, a subtle touch that enhances their classic rasslin vibe.

I have seen many Brendan Byers matches, but I don’t recall seeing him grabbing and squeezing so much dick! What has come over him?? Maybe someone with a ball-bust fetish ordered a side of nut-cracking as part of his Custom order. Or maybe Cash’s bulge, presented so beautifully in those loose-fitting trunks, enticed Brendan to want to grab ahold.

I have also seen many Weekend Wrestling bouts and don’t recall this much eroticism and sexually explicit content. Yes, they’ve shown us plenty of bulging cocks on display in revealing and colorful bikinis, but I don’t recall this level of hands-on chicken-choking. It’s almost as if I’m watching a UCW match!

This seems to be the natural progression for Underground federations, to begin presenting traditional (albeit somewhat gayer) pro style action and then to inevitably progress into more and more pornographic and sexually explicit territory. Sex sells after all, and the horny fans want to experience the Full Monty.

I do enjoy it when the Ball Buster plunges his hand down into the trunks from behind!

Byers does manage to work in some classic pro-style moves (with his hand often finding its way to Cash’s crotch in the process.) I got off on the series of OTK Backbreakers that Brendan delivered late in the match, hosting his “play-toy” up for another painful slam across his knee at least three or four times (plenty of times to send me over the edge.)

I also found Brendan’s pinning position very enticing. Again, the Heel’s big dong is presented as powerful and potent, essentially pinning the jobber by resting on his face. On the other hand, Cash’s twig and berries (also known as Brendan’s play-toys) are placed on helpless display, just as vulnerable and limp as the rest of Cash’s formerly powerful body. Both dudes look great here and I think I’m developing a solid Man Crush on this hunky Cash Kellogg fella.


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4 Responses to My New Play-Toy

  1. Dino says:

    Cash is one hot jobber. Great body, sells well and looks fine in his ring gear. Looks even sexier now that his chest hair has grown in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what are Cash’s stats?

  3. Phil says:

    Wow! Brendan is incredible. A terrific heel. Look at the pin; and as if that is not enough, look at the after match antics. Cash might be swole but Brendan sells the match. I want to see more of him.

  4. admin says:

    According to Weekend Wrestling’s bio on Cash Kellogg: “At 5’11”, 200 lbs, Cash is a competitive bodybuilder, a powerhouse of densely packed muscle and a controlling force to be reckoned with.” From what I’ve seen, he’s not really a “controlling force” — he’s more of a well-suffering jobber, but I assume the rest of his bio is accurate.