How To Pull Hair Safely

I found a nice batch of Wrestling Hairpull images on Social Media lately that I want to post today. I’m not exactly sure why I respond so strongly to Hairpull images — maybe because of the orgasmic expression on the victim’s face. Or maybe because hairpulling is something done during rough sex.

But you don’t want to be too rough with your partner — after all sex (and wrestling) are meant to be pleasurable, right? So luckily, I found an informative article called “How to Safely Pull Hair During Sex” (or wrestling) and I will summarize the best practices below…

Ideally, you should only grab hair located at the back of the head or the crown — never on the hair growing from the sides or the front. The hair growing from the sides and front of our heads is not usually where people derive much pleasure.

What you shouldn’t do is tug a minimal amount of hair — much like a small child would tug on their mom’s or dad’s hair. If you tug a few hairs, you’re actually pulling out hair. Most people find it more comfortable to have their hair pulled closer to the root, and also have a handful of hair pulled.

It’s also typically safer to pull hair in a smooth, consistent motion rather than a quick jerky motion

When one’s hair is pulled safely during sex (or wrestling), it can be a truly pleasurable experience. There are a lot of nerve endings in our heads, which are not touched very often.

If they have longer hair, grab it like you would a ‘pony tail’ rather than individual hairs or small groups of hairs.

For many people, a little bit of pain can be pleasurable during a sexual experience, and this can be achieved for some when their hair is pulled.

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4 Responses to How To Pull Hair Safely

  1. mike says:

    That’s Tracer X being pulled up by the hair on the two-count to be punished some more. When done properly to a hot jobber it’s one of pro wrestling’s most erotic moments ”Oh God, Yes! Yesss!!”

  2. Tets says:

    Great post and images. I want you to post about pulling hair more often. I love it!

  3. Sean Pford says:

    This was a genius post! ^_^

  4. Sean Pford says:

    …specifically applying the hair-pulling to wrestling, I mean. I LOVE a match with a good hair handle!

    (It occurred to me that just saying something like “nice post,” with no mention of what was in it, could look pretty spammy. Sorry!)