Couldn’t Resist

I try to be strong. I try to resist downloading every single Zack Reno match that comes along. After all, his videos are popping up everywhere now and I can only afford so much wrestle-porn in my budget. So when I saw UCW match #726 — Zack Reno vs. Tyson the Hammer — on their webpage recently, I said to myself: Looks very nice, but I’m gonna be good and skip it.

But then on August 8th, the Ringside at Skull Island blog reviewed this match. And posted the above Sleeperhold image. And I had to have it. Just look at Tyson’s expressive face selling the pain! And look at Zack pouring on the pressure, his pro-style boots trapping Tyson’s lower body! I could no longer resist the temptation and I downloaded it so I could enjoy that great Sleeper Hold!

As with most Zack Reno matches, much of the attention is focused on that big bulge in his trunks:

Tyson loves Zack’s balls– he grabs them and plays with them often. These two have wrestled several times before and Tyson figured out that this is Zack’s weakness. You can watch Tyson play handball for a full half hour with a moaning Zack in Match 717 from UCW. Ringside at Skull Island blogged about that match too, providing a series of graphic images of Tyson working on Zack’s junk while Zack pops a boner from it.

When he’s not yanking and twisting Zack’s nutsack, Tyson also enjoys yanking and twisting his long hair. That turned me on too because Tyson is so calmly and casually in control as he drags Zack around by the hair.

Then the Sleeper happens and I’m blown away.

The main reason I broke down and purchased this video was for this long Sleeper, so you better believe I’m gonna get my fill of images posted on my blog so I can relish every moment, every muscle flex, every intense facial expression.

That Sleeper was everything I hoped for and it really got my fire stoked. But the moment that caused me to boil over occurred when Tyson stuck his fingers in Zack’s purple panties.

This is so taboo and transgressive, to violate the other man by reaching down his pants. But Tyson can’t resist, and Zack lays their moaning because we know his weakness — he digs it.

All pro wrestling depicts a man wearing down another man, working on his body, weakening his resistance using moves and holds. The Ball Claw hold in particular sexualizes this depiction by moving the sensation below the belt and, in this case, inside the clothing. So the thought of this is what set me off.

There also was a really nice Headscissor by Zack that I enjoyed a lot. I just love his boots and it’s hot to see them crossed at the ankles.

Great camera work, whoever filmed this match!

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4 Responses to Couldn’t Resist

  1. destoy alpha males says:

    I am bent with the destruction, doom and downfall of Zack Reno┬┤s crotch

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    Dear admin

    Please tell us, what do you like and love so much about Zac Reno

  3. bootlickerStewie says:

    I would love to lick Zach’s boots

  4. admin says:

    OK destroy alpha males, I will tell you what I like and love so much about Zack Reno:
    * his fit little body
    * his oversized trunk bulge
    * his wide assortment of pro-style trunks
    * his frequent usage of old school pro wrestling moves, including frequent Scissors
    * his deep, manly voice
    * his gorgeous suffering
    * his boots
    * his willingness to perform in numerous Underground wrestling videos meant to appeal to gay dudes, and
    * his unusual hair styles