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Zach Reno had a pretty rough Fourth of July weekend. On the Weekend Wrestling streaming site, he fought two matches. In the video for the first match, which has no audio due to some technical glitch, we see Zach posing in the ring wearing gray briefs, his bulge prominently on display as usual.

Suddenly, a devious Heel named Max Ryder slithers out from behind the curtain to deliver a surprise upper-cut to Zach’s ball bag. This emasculates and weakens my guy Zach and it takes him time to recover before he can fight back. DING DING — let’s rassle!

I really got into this Max Ryder guy with his white trunks and his big Elbow Drops. His gear and his moves are very Classic Pro in style, which made this match very enjoyable for me, a long-time fan of Old School Rasslin. And one can always count on Zach’s suffering to be wonderfully enticing to witness, even if, for this match, we could not hear his deep-voiced bitching and moaning.

Zach remains my primary man-crush in this bout, but I frequently noticed my eyes wandering over to that impressive bulge in Ryder’s white trunks. Wow, he’d be fun to rassle with! I’d be all over those big nips.

These evenly-matched opponents take turns enacting low blows and Body Scissors and victory poses. It’s a nice back and forth — you can stream the video if you want to find out who wins in the end and how.

Weekend Wrestling normally uploads one match per week. However, I think they felt sorry about the lack of audio in the above video, so they gave us a bonus Zach Reno match to compensate — this time with the microphone actually turned on. During the holiday weekend, both matches were bundled together for one low price, but I don’t know if that offer is still available.

If you thought Zach looked spectacular in his bulging gray briefs, you should’ve seen what he wore for his second match! In honor of our nation’s birthday, Zach hit the ring in a star-spangled bikini. I had to stream this video just to find out if he could actually wrestle in that little thong without any wardrobe malfunctions!

Zach’s opponent in Match #2 is a thick-bodied Adonis in black trunks named Drew Harper. He first climbs into the ring wearing a t-shirt and a captain’s hat like you might have seen on the Love Boat. I’ve noticed that videos from Weekend Wrestling include a lot of sexy dress-up and cos-play in the spirit of classic pro wrestling.

Oh you slutty little show-off!

Zach may look like the All-American Good Guy in his American Flag get-up, but he fights dirty like a Heel and dominates Drew Harper for much of the match.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, so I will stop today’s article. Go check out one or both of these recent releases and Happy Belated Fourth of July!

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3 Responses to Double Header

  1. JR says:

    I’ve always had a thing for stars and stripes patterned briefs/speedos, and Zack Reno is one of my current favorite underground wrestlers, so this video was a must-buy for me. I was very satisfied with my purchase!

  2. admin says:

    Agreed, about both the stars & stripes pattern and about Reno! You have great taste in gear and wrestlers clearly.

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    Becuase his well endowed bulge I will always want Zach´s destruction and pain