Rando Rasslin Rumination

It’s time for me to clear out some of the random images and animations that have accumulated on my hard-drive in recent weeks. I began with some nice clips, above, from Weekend Wrestling depicting Cole Cassidy dominating the Z-Man. We see Cole deliver a nice Over-the-Knee Backbreaker and beautiful Suplex. I’ve been meaning to write up this hot one-sided squash match but I’m always distracted by some other hot, one-sided squash match. Squirrel! SQUIRREL!

I’ve become a bit obsessed with the below photo depicting a muscle-stud about to Drop The Elbow on some chump at the beach. I saw it on Social Media somewhere, probably Tumblr. It’s not even in a wrestling ring, so I’m surprised it’s turning me on so much.

It’s just something about the power and strength of the shirtless stud juxtaposed with the utter weakness of his victim that is triggering me. Its the grace of his movement (even though he’s static in the photo) and the way his foot sweeps up some sand as he goes airborne, It’s the fact that he’s using a pro wrestling move in a “real” fight. Anyway, awesome photo!

Both Jimi Jacobs (see above) and Joey Ryan (see below) understand that pro wrestling is meant to be a sexual performance. Both of them are fairly small and they lack jaw-dropping physiques, but they come across as sexy beasts because of their performances.

Speaking of sexy performances…

And I can always go for some dirty double-teaming, be it from the Heel’s partner, or his manager, or just a buddy at ringside who also happens to get off on harming a pretty-boy.

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9 Responses to Rando Rasslin Rumination

  1. outfitter says:

    Good article…I can relate to your affinity of seeing strong, burly guys dishing out punishment to their hapless and helpless opponents. Growing up, I usually saw myself as one of those weak victims, but since I started lifting weights last fall and have slowly begun to transform my body, I’ve developed more of a ‘heel’ mentality.

  2. Mike says:

    I love this article about Rick Martel barely 20 years old and starting out in New Zealand. It reads like a piece here! The handsome Martel versus maniacs like “Ripper”, “Brute”, and “King” Curtis (who was a maniacal bloody heel). The author states some of those 30 + min bouts were “exhausting” and I bet you they were! I get angry to have missed these glory days.


  3. Alex Miller says:

    Nice post.

    I actually think it’s the victim who makes the over-the-knee backbreaker for me. I think a lot of guys, especially the bigger bodybuilder types, stay too stiff, keeping their back flat and head up. My definition of great OTK has the receiving guy go limp and hang with it, head and feet at the mat while he dangles helplessly in agonizing pain.

    And you probably know this but if you like that “pildriver-only-meaner”, MJF does that a lot (heat seeker), which puts his amazing ass and thick thighs right as the focus.

  4. admin says:

    Another wrestler who uses that Heat Seeker piledriver move is Chasyn Rance. They always sell it as a devastating and dangerous finisher and it sure looks that way to me!

  5. admin says:

    Thanks for sharing the article about young Rick Martel, which includes numerous photos of the shy young stud posing in his wrestling gear. The enticing language used in the article is definitely meant to turn us on to Martel: “Rick is a television idol… 10,000 screaming fans fell in love with this Wrestling adonis… The female fans want to hug and kiss him, want to start up fan Clubs, and he’s also a favourite of the male fans too. What a wonderful person.” Now I love him too!

  6. Phil says:

    Great articl all around. I loved Martel in his beefy, early years. Mimi Jacobs must know what turns me on. Never a disappointment.

    Is that Les Thatcher with Martel, BTW?

  7. admin says:

    I thought that is Don Muraco in the ring, looking down at Abdullah the Butcher.

  8. Phil says:

    Could be Muraco,. They teamed from time to time.

  9. Mike says:

    That’s Dino Bravo. Don Muraco in his freshman days of wrestling was quite the hunk but I think he and his people thought he was so good as heel that he changed persona and gained weight. There’s a match on YouTube from one of the old Florida shows where Bill Watts narrates over the match (which must have taken place years before) from some arena and he’s so nasty :”Look at that muscular kid showing no respect! Now here’s where I punish him good for that!”