Hot Manhandling

One of the YouTube channels I follow, simply called “Rey,” has been posting some video clip compilations featuring his favorite pro wrestlers. He edits the matches down to the hottest moments in each match, and uses slow-mo and close-ups to really savor the best punishment and suffering. His videos are very easy to masturbate to…

His most recent uploads are called “Hot Manhandling” and the victims of said manhandling are “Big Dick” Barrett and Ted DiBiase Jr, both looking spectacular in little skimpy trunks.

I was inspired by these videos to make a “Hot Manhandling” video of my own — focusing on Barry Windham (a lifelong man-crush of mine) as the Face-in-Peril. Here is the video — it got me off, maybe it will have the same effect on you…

The long-legged, long-haired young cowboy is seen in the ring against three of the roughest Heels of all time — Harley Race, Dick Murdoch, and Ron Bass. All three Heels have that thick older asshole persona, allowing them to play off the Young Hero vs. Relentless Older Brute gimmick that is so common in pro wrestling.

As you’ll see if you watch my video, I edited out all of Winham’s high-flying offense, all of his Hope Spots and moments of fighting back. I have rendered him totally helpless and ineffective, utterly at the Heels’ mercy. If Barry actually won any of these matches, you’ll never see it in my video.

All three of the Heels kick his ass pretty good and all three use a similar brawling rough-house style. All three toss Windham’s ass out of the ring and follow him out to punish him on the floor. Two of the three use foreign objects to punish the Fan Favorite. Two of the three “lacerate” him. Two of the three attack him cruelly after the match is over. Enjoy, boys!

I interspersed moments from one match within the other two to create the impression that all the Heels are working against Windham in the same match, tagging in and out to take their turns whipping him. If you got off, or at least got turned on by this video, I might want to make more. It was a fun experience for me to make this video.

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8 Responses to Hot Manhandling

  1. Mikey Aarons says:

    What a hidden gem! Thanks for bringing this channel to our attention

  2. Brandon says:

    Great idea!
    “If Barry actually won any of these matches, you’ll never see it in my video.”
    Please please make one of Royce isaacs!!! I’m tempted to custom order one of him from you for me!

  3. Phil says:

    This really gets me off. Thanks so much. And Barry is the perfect place to begin. A great face (and heel…..but better as a face). More like this would be dandy. I’ll leave it to you to choose the victims.

  4. Chaz says:

    Great compilation on the beaten down Windham!

  5. outfitter says:

    Thanks for this…three of some of my most favorite heels in the biz going up against a face who was never really one of my favorites (I think I liked Windham better when he ‘turned’ later in his career).

  6. johnny coxx says:

    Amazing 3 on 1 ‘match’ you put together!!!

  7. Mike says:

    Today’s Adam Page reminds me of a young Barry Windham, and circa that era he would have been used as a “face in peril” “at a heel’s mercy”. Those blonde locks and handsome face are never in danger and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a match that made you say “ahhhh, here we go”. But he does wear trunks so that’s there.

  8. Phil says:

    BTW, there is a hot match on YouTube of Barry vs Don Muraco. Ending with the Asian Spike, it’s over the top.