Oh That Killer Backbreaker

My previous gallery featured Bret Hart, Mr. Excellence of Execution, beating up muscle-wimp Paul Roma, including the above Over-The-Knee Backbreaker. It got me thinking about how much I love this move and how many great examples of OTK Backbreakers I’ve collected lately from Social Media — see below!

The Wrestle-Porn websites (such as BGE, MBW, UCW, W4H, etc.) certainly understand the erotic appeal of his hold as they perform the OTK BB all the time — the victim hoisted up and manhandled by the crotch, the stiff, painful drop across Daddy’s knee, the bent-back position of the broken jobber with his body and ballsack on vulnerable display. You know you’re viewing a sexy hold when the Wrestle-Porn models perform it all the time (and the mainstream pro wrestlers too, for that matter.)

Personal confession time: When I was in about Seventh or Eighth grade, I recall getting off the school bus along with the Bad Boy in our neighborhood who was also my friend — we will call him Jimmy. For some reason, we started wrestling around like pre-teen or teen boys do (and some grown men too, I’ve learned.)

Anyway, Jimmy scooped me up to my surprise and delivered a quick OTK Backbreaker or more like Side Breaker, then deposited me on the grass. It didn’t hurt really — maybe he knew how to do it gently. But the fact that he knew this awesome Pro Wrestling Hold, the fact that he applied a Pro Wrestling Hold on me, the fact that he clearly watched my beloved Pro Wrestling (which I had heard him discussing on the bus with other boys who were not ashamed to admit they watch wrestling), and the fact that he wanted to wrestle around with me at all — anyway, it really excited me and drew me to him even though he was a Bad Bay (or maybe BECAUSE he was a Bad Boy).

I’m not sure if he noticed my boner after giving me the OTK Backbreaker, but it was there. (Then there was this other time I was delivering newspapers and Jimmy pinned me down and told his cute little brother, we’ll call him Grant, to put me in an Arm Bar which I also greatly enjoyed, but we’ll talk about that another day…)

And the performance of multiple OTK BB’s in a row — hoisting the broken, helpless jobber up again and again to repeatedly bust him over your knee — absolutely fetishzes and pornifies this move — I love it.

I don’t know why Social Media blew up recently with all these hot Backbreaker images and animations. Maybe there are always a ton of OTK BB’s posted every week and they just caught my eye this week after seeing Bret Hart fuck up Paul Roma with this move.

From the “He Is Out!” blog’s most recent gallery — Jessie Sorensen sells the fuck out of this big Backbreaker!
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4 Responses to Oh That Killer Backbreaker

  1. ringwrecker says:

    I love this sadistic move! You can check Roderick Strong vs Bobby Roode, which has a lot of sexy backbreakers.

  2. exhicammer says:

    Wow! Can’t stop masturbating to that jobber’s huge bulge in those tiny red microbriefs. That’s what all guys should wear when they wrestle. The skimpier and the more skintight and revealing the better!

  3. Phil says:

    I love this move. Utter domination. Nobody did it better than Bret Hart. Love the clip of the heel copping a feel!

  4. Dr.Fever says:

    I love the back breaker.
    My fav is Ronnie Pearl writhing in agony / crying in pain “Aargh, No!.. My back, my back is hurt!”, pleading Joey Nux to stop punishing his back.