Torture Porn

When I recapped a Sheik match recently in my “Sado-Theatrics” article, one of my loyal readers described it as “great torture porn.”   Well, speaking of great torture porn, while working on that gallery I also stumbled on an amazing Pinterest board…

The Big Time Wrestling From Detroit ! board on Pinterest features “photos, programs and anything nostalgic from this historic promotion, look for a lot of The Original Sheik !

This is the wrestling promotion I had the most access to as a young child — Big Time Wrestling from Detroit.  So this treasure trove of classic pro wrestling brutality on Pinterest is especially appealing to me!

The Big Time Wrestling from Detroit ! Pinterest board is chock full of classic images of brutality and violence and sexy shirtlessness that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before!

(Unless these images were included in those trashy pro wrestling magazines I used to flip through at the drug store — my heart pounding, a stiffening sensation in my corduroys, as I worried that the sales clerk would see me getting boned up over the wrestling magazines and would yell at me to quit being a weird pervert and get out.  Life was sure difficult before the Internet!)


Anyhow, I had to download at least a couple dozen of my favorite Sheik images from the Big Time Wrestling From Detroit ! board to re-post them here, adding my descriptive captions to each one.  If you’re into these vulgar depictions of graphic savagery and abuse by this sadistic madman, go to the board to see many, many more.

You’ll see the Sheik in all his sado-theatric glory, spiking and biting fuckers in the face, throwing fireballs in their eyes to blind them, breaking their backs in his Camel Clutch while bright red blood pours down their faces, which are twisted in orgasmic suffering.  There are some other great images of classic heroes and villains from the 1970’s, but it’s mostly a gallery dedicated to the crazy Sheik in action.

And here I’ve been avoiding Pinterest for years, because I thought it was only for housewives to post their recipes or clever decorating ideas.  Now I learn that Pinterest also has graphic homo-erotic content meant for fans of classic rasslin, including cage fighting, foreign objects, and cruel illegal tactics.

It looks like I need to start spending more time on Pinterest!  (I never thought I’d see myself typing those words!!)

One of the most interesting uploads to this Pinterest board was an article titled “And… The Blood Flowed in Detroit.”   I’m sure it’s from one of those old wrestle-porn magazines I referenced above when I described one of my frequent visits to the magazine rack in the drug store.  (I guess pro wrestling was MY “drug” that I needed from the drug store — hey I just made that association!)

Anyway, the text from this old article is remarkably graphic and sexually suggestive, full of homo-erotic trigger words and phrases as you’ll see below.


The article describes the Sheik and his bitter enemy, Mark Lewin, struggling over a phallic plastic knife.  Whoever gains control the knife/cock will be able to dominate the other man by violently slashing and pounding him.

So you can see what I’m going on about, I’ve re-typed the article below to make it easier to read.  I bolded the most stimulating trigger words in the text and posted more images of the Sheik tearing it up on the Big Time Wrestling from Detroit ! board on Pinterest…

“The plastic knife slashed across flesh.  Blood stained the canvas. 

“Sheik, his eyes glowing with killer lust, continued to rip the flesh of Mark Lewin’s forehead to shreds.

“It’s a sickeningly regular practice of Sheik’s.  More than one man has been hospitalized from its effects.  All of Lewin’s skull would be needed to avoid permanent injury.  However, Lewin was splendid; more than surviving, he became a hero.

“With a series of movements too quick and complex to describe — all occurring in an instant — Lewin disarmed Sheik.  The plastic knife skidded across the canvas.  It had barely stopped before Mark pounced on it.

“Terror and rage flashed in Sheik’s eyes.  He had been humiliated and he was now in danger.  He could either flee or attempt to regain his weapon.  Attack was the course he chose.

“Sheik’s manager, Eddie Creachman, visibly shook as he saw his wrestler risk his career.  If Sheik refused to save himself, someone would have to do it for him.

“Referee!” Eddie screamed. “Lewin’s got a knife! 

You blind, idiot?  Lewin’s armed!  Stop him!  Stop him!”

“Before the referee could acknowledge the manager’s instructions, the knife pounded into Sheik’s forehead.  Blood spurted from the gash, falling on Lewin’s chest.  There, it mixed with Mark’s blood, still cascading down from his wounds.  

“At this point, the pair became a furious tangle of limbs as they struggled, half-blinded by blood, for the knife and supremacy.  They stumbled and groped around the ring, battling from instinct alone. 

The squared circle proved too small to contain this vortex of violence.  The two bloody figures spilled over the ropes and crashed to Cobo Arena’s floor.  Their fury was so great, neither man was stunned by the fall.  They continued to battle as if nothing happened.

“Lewin still had possession of the weapon.  He soon sliced up Sheik’s head until the flesh was shredded.  Even the most hardened observer turned away from the gory sight.  Creachman, though terrified at the fate of his wrestler, lacked the courage to interfere with this raging battle.  So the two warred on.

“The referee, attempting to stop the melee, used the only tactical weapon at his disposal: he began to count the wrestlers out.  In 20 seconds, one or both men would…”

And that’s where the page ends.



Whew, I think I need a cigarette and a nap after reading that classic wrestle-porn article!  What a great blast from the past — a return to the era of violent, sleazy, low-budget and low-class wrestling that was so stimulating and exciting and habit-forming!  It’s like an early Christmas present!

Happy holidays, my loyal readers.



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4 Responses to Torture Porn

  1. Dino says:

    Happy Holidays to you as well. Was the Shiek actually Arabic or was he just your average American guy who looked the part and played it well?

  2. outfitter says:

    Even in black and white photos, juice matches still looked gruesome, and thereby meant the magazine just had to be bought! To see the bloody victim either pinned or knocked out cold while the victor (either clean or bloodied himself) hovered over him really hit my hot button too. Enjoy the holidays Mr. Administrator. You do good work here!

  3. Phil says:

    Sheikh was really phenomenal. Besides the gore and sadism, look at his Camel Clutch stance on Bobo. Perfect. One of the true ring greats, with a healthy dose of homoeroticism.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for the great work.

  4. destoy alpha males says:

    tormented bleeding, hurt, punched, beaten, defeated, humilliated sexy men IS THE PARADISE