The Face of the Organization

Every wrestling federation needs a Face — one good-looking but unlucky hero who is forever being tricked, trapped, beaten, and broken.  We can count on him to endure hot punishment every time he gets in the ring.

I think UCW has found their Face in Zack Reno.  Check out this recent posting (#691) featuring our beloved Zack against the larger and stronger Gabe Steel.

Gabe dominates Zack for most of the match, as one does against the top Face of a wrestling organization.  If you get off on ball-busting, this match is a Must See (as I suppose every UCW match is…)

Zack sells wonderfully, always remembering to put his ripped little physique and large package on display in that sexy bulging bikini.

I’ve seen plenty of Zack Reno matches from various Underground federations in recent years and they’re all good, but my Man Crush on Zack officially began during a rare UCW Tag Team bout which I wrote about back in October.  Maybe it was the old-school mutton-chop look he adopted at that time, or maybe it’s just UCW’s rough, raunchy style, but let’s just say that UCW might as well automatically charge my credit card whenever they post a Zack Reno match and send me the link.

One of my loyal readers also noticed that Zack has leveled up since joining UCW.  Here is a comment he posted in response to my article on the Tag Team match:

Always been a fan of Zack, but he’s putting in his best work and seeming to have the most fun in UCW. He’s really embracing the all-out, no rules nature and seems to be having a great time.”  (Agreed.)

Probably my favorite move that bad boy Gabe Steel unleashes on Zack is this OTK Backbreaker combined with plenty of UCW-style package handling.  I call it the Over-The-Knee Ballbreaker and he uses it a couple of times on poor Zack, to great effect.

Gabe needs to patent that killer move and utilize it like six times per match!

Zack bitches about being in the ropes, so Gabe pulls his dick and educates him about UCW:  “There ain’t no rules in UCW.  The only rule is: You will suffer!

(I almost titled this article: “The Only Rule Is: You Will Suffer” — but I decided to focus on Zack’s remarkable ascension to becoming the Top Face in UCW instead.)

Then Gabe bends Zack backwards over the ropes and the camera gets in there for some visually stunning close-ups, and this is where I lose it.  My goodness — great posing, great suffering great camera work, I really didn’t stand a chance of getting past this scene.  So I’m not sure how this match ends, but once I catch my breath and maybe take a nap, I can watch the remainder.

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7 Responses to The Face of the Organization

  1. Sean Pford says:

    This is actually a comment for the Ox Baker post, but commenting was closed for that, and I just wanted to add my voice to the many who appreciated that one! (And I’m so glad you brought up Escape from New York!) 🙂

    BUT as I’m here already: Holy hot suffering, Zack Reno!

  2. Dino says:

    Big fan of Zack as well. He is hot but I kind of like the look of the bearded hairy version at BG East. Also wanted to point out the nips on Gabe in that first picture. They look nice and hard and probably should be targeted to get Gabe to suffer some as well as his opponents.

  3. ringwrecker says:

    Damn I wanna grab and squeeze that impressive bulge until cum explodes in my palm.

  4. JR says:

    I was aware of Zack Reno before he got to UCW, but I never paid much attention to him before he joined their roster. However, now I agree that every UCW match featuring him is a must-buy for me. I love how much he seems to have embraced the down and dirty UCW style. I also vastly prefer him with a cleaner cut look. A little scruff on the face is okay, but I think he looks way hotter with his shorter haircut.

  5. JR says:

    Speak of the devil, the Zack Reno vs Tyson the Hammer match that just dropped this week may be my favorite Zack Reno video yet. There’s something going on with/in his trunks during this one that has me absolutely captivated. It’s gonna take a few tries for me to get to the end of this one…

  6. Brad Jay says:

    Yep, love Zack any time any how. He sells it and suffers like nobody else. And that bod is hot. Have to admit.. Zack first caught my eye when he was hairier.. but any Zack is good Zack. Keep it up!

  7. destoy alpha males says:

    I always be enemy of ZACK RENO´s bulge

    I hate it too much