Feuding or Stalking?

Back in October, I blogged about a UCW Tag Team match (UCW video #681) involving these two rivals: Zack Reno and Axel.  The most provocative and sexually tense moments in that four-man brawl occurred whenever Zack and Axel paired off and tore into each other.

Axel enjoyed his time with Zack so much that he arranged for a follow-up meeting: just Axel and Zack, one on one, man on man, in a private matroom in the UCW basement.  It is UCW match #688 and it is hot.  As.  Fuck.

It begins with Zack warming up when Axel sneak-attacks him and Sleepers him into submission immediately…

The story being told here is that Zack was severely weakened by Axel’s initial blindside and can’t recover.  So Axel gets to have his way with the ragdoll, applying holds at will and Sleepering him out multiple times.

Matches of this type are very common on the wrestle-porn websites because of the universal homo-erotic appeal of  one-sided dominance, helpless surrender, extreme punishment, and pathetic vulnerability.   However, I find this particular match — Axel squashing Zack Reno — to be remarkably erotic and sensual because of the real chemistry between the two rivals — the obvious physical attraction.



Every great wrestling feud presents a bitter hatred between two enemies paired with a subtext of lust.  Usually we see a creepy Heel stalking some handsome young Baby-Face, getting in his face and arranging matches with him as often as possible.

Ric Flair for example was obsessed with Ricky Steamboat.  In a more recent example, Tommy Purr gets off on fucking with Adrian Mathews.  And it has always been apparent that the Joker doesn’t really want to kill Batman, he really wants to capture and own him.

Axel employs a bunch of holds in this match besides Sleepers (although it’s mostly Sleepers).  He also puts Zack in a really nice Torture Rack, a Leg Nelson, a Nipple Twist, Ball Grab, Arm Stretcher Surfboard, Camel Clutch and Banana Split to name a few.  I didn’t post images of all of those moves because I want to leave you some surprises so you’ll break a $20 and go download the video from UCW and help them out.

In between the many Sleeper Holds, we see Axel petting and stroking his victim affectionately, gently trash talking him in dulcet tones.

Almost lovingly, Axel takes advantage of Reno’s helplessness by groping and feeling him whenever he is out.  Watching it has gotten me off like 6 times now…

Axel gives off that Creepy Stalker vibe brilliantly, like a horny Randy Orton always eager to punish and own John Cena while also clearly loving his hunky rival.  It’s obvious that Axel has a thing for Zack, but is also eager to punish him.

This is the third encounter between Zack and Axel and I think it’s wise of UCW to create a long story arcs, a prolonged feud spanning several videos.  It’s rare for an Underground wrestle-porn producer to coordinate a long-running story that unfolds over multiple videos, but I believe it’s a great idea.  Wrestling feuds are super hot, and super gay after all.

If I were a wrestle-porn producer, I’d put out my videos in seasons, like a television series, with about 10 to 20 episodes per season that expound on a larger theme and story arc.  Maybe in Season 1, Zack and Axel would meet cute and wrestle each other once or twice (while other feuds, love affairs, and rivalries are also unfolding).  We would see Axel propose to Zack: “hey we should form a Tag Team.”

Then in Season 2, they’d pair up and have a few wonderful Tag Team bouts together, with Axel constantly rescuing his beloved Zack (and Zack spending a bit too much time with former partner, Jessie Lee.)  Something would then go wrong  in the Season 2 Finale — maybe Axel would walk in on Zack during a private bout with Jessie, making Axel feel jealous.  In Seasons 3 through 6, their mutual love/hate would grow as they worked to harm each other while also teasing a reunion.  Maybe they would reunite, more in love than ever, in about Season 9.  If a wrestle-porn company produced a series of videos like this, telling the story of a long, sexy feud, I’d buy every single episode and beg for more.

My very favorite moment in this match is this Sleeper Hold late in the video where Axel puts Zack to sleep and then says: “I’ll hold you up.”  He then embraces Zack from behind, one arm across the helpless dude’s pectorals as he tests his limp arm.

It’s so fucking affectionate and loving and adorable, in the midst of this intense rivalry, that it just finishes me every time.

Then Axel fondles his dazed boy-toy, reaching in to grope those nipples and pecs.  Does he want to fight or fuck this gorgeous little stud?

It is this chemistry, this obvious sexual tension, that makes a wrestling feud seem so arousing and hot.  Look how Zack just submits to his nemesis, allowing Axel to feel him up and caress him at will.  It’s so fucking ADORABLE!


All signs point to future encounters between these rivals, which makes me very happy.  After the final knock-out, Axel says to Zack: “One of these days, I will meet you in the ring for a fair fight.”

Also, in Ringside at Skull Island‘s excellent recap of this match, the blogger says that Axel “wants to set off a feud that measures up to his past feuds” and “Reno is ready to tangle with this guy for the long haul.”  GREAT — I sure hope so — I want to order every match in the series.


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4 Responses to Feuding or Stalking?

  1. Dino says:

    Reno has a hot body and with BG East he wrestles with a hairy chest and bearded. As hot as Reno is in this match, his hairy version gets me heated up.

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    I hate Zack´s inmense bulge so I want behold his total destruction

  3. ringwrecker says:

    I agree with Dino. Reno vs Karisma and Reno vs Genatto are both super hot.

  4. Phil says:

    Axel’s leg sleeper is incredibly hot. And I love repeated sleeper holds. All that together with hot Zack makes this a great entry.