Owned and Dethroned

Back on July 4, 2019, and again on July 15, 2019, I blogged about my favorite Instagram site — “Black Wrestling Jobbers.”  The name of the Insta has since been changed to “Black Wrestling Kings” — I guess to celebrate the power and dominance of the incredible hunks featured on the site rather than their submissiveness and defeat.

The owner of Black Wrestling Kings has continued to post really hot images of all sorts of black wrestling super-stars with spectacular bodies wearing pro gear.  Go check it out if you want to pop a boner.

Anyway, when I blogged about my favorite Insta back in July, I did not include David Otunga.  You may be wondering why I would leave out perhaps the hottest Black Wrestling King of them all??

Well there were so many great images of him, I wanted him to have his own page.


I felt that Otunga deserves a separate article here on Wrestling Arsenal in honor of his totally banging body and sexy persona.

So today I’m finally getting around to writing about, and drooling all over, Mr. Otunga, the Black Wrestling King.

This is perhaps my fav photo of David Otunga,  How I miss seeing this stud strut around on my TV each week in his bulging trunks and tall wrestling boots!

I lusted over his body, his big thick arms, his fussy, well-groomed goatee, and his air of masculine Alpha Male dominance.  I hope he doesn’t mind that I jerked off to him, but it’s his own fault for walking around looking so buff and naked all the time.

Anyway, I want to write about what they did to humiliate my Otunga on the 10/25/2010 episode of RAW.  I don’t want to bore you with too much back-story, but basically Wade “Big Dick” Barrett was the leader of the “Nexus” gang and he paired Otunga (a member of Nexus) with John Cena to win the Tag Team belts.

Big Dick Barrett wanted Nexus to own both of the Tag Team belts without Cena having a belt, so he orders Otunga to lie down on his back so another Nexus guy — Heath Slater — could easily pin him.

It’s a pretty sexy scene — you can watch it on WWE’s YouTube channel.  The spectacular Otunga, with that amazing physique, is reduced to a submissive jobber, totally controlled by Barrett and forced to obey.  If you’re into power dynamics and a dominant Master rudely ordering his Slave around in public, check it out.

On the surface, Barrett apparently just wants his group to hold both belts, to exclude his enemy John Cena from holding a belt.  But there is also an obvious homo-erotic subtext to this performance.

They’re of course selecting the most spectacular male in the ring to portray the submissive bitch, forced to lie down in obedience.   If he will agree to THIS, what other humiliating acts will he perform when ordered?

You can tell Otunga is reluctant to portray a submissive loser (even though, in real life, all pro wrestlers must play the jobber bitch for our viewing pleasure when ordered to do so…)

Otunga gets down on one knee looking utterly ashamed of himself for obeying Barrett so willingly.  I love how Cena can be seen watching in the background, judging Otunga for his meekness, his presence adding to the kneeling man’s shame.


Am I the only wrestling pervert who had fantasies about this scenario?  Some sadistic promoter or ring general tells the handsome Fan Favorite, “Kid, you better lay down and let Dirk Dickhead pin you tonight, or you’re gonna really get it!  If he chooses to stand with his foot on your chest, or to spank you with his belt, or Bearhug you a dozen times, I’m tellin’ you, ya better let him do it!  [Yanks the kid’s wavy blond hair.]  Ya hear me, kid!?

Maybe I just had weird fantasies growing up…

Notice how they place the WWE logo strategically on Otunga’s chest.  I’ve blogged about this before — how they brand the wrestlers’ bodies (often their crotches) to reflect ownership over them and mastery of them.  It’s not really Barrett who is forcing Otunga to humiliate himself — the placement of the logo subtly and sub-consciously reminds us that the WWE bosses hold the true power over these uber-masculine hunks.


He actually does it!  Otunga actually reclines his powerful body and invites Heath Slater to lay down on him and pin him!  Kudos to WWE for getting away with presenting this very homo-erotic sexual content right on prime time television!

Slater should sit down on his face and really degrade this jobber bitch.

Recall the earlier images of Otunga, the Black Wrestling King, so powerful and confident.  This image shows the muscular Otunga ripping the head off of, I believe, Heath Slater himself with that long ginger hair.  This is a more accurate depiction of what would happen if Otunga fought Slater instead of laying down on his back for him.

The eroticism of this Forced to Lay Down scenario depends upon an extremely powerful and dominant paragon of masculinity being placed in the submissive role, his power completely canceled.  It’s like seeing Superman forced to kneel — it’s so wrong and inappropriate that it’s a big turn-on to witness.

And we really can’t miss finding underlying racial messages here: the powerful black male being exploited (and objectified) by the white power structure, forced to lie down passively so this pale and less powerful white male can take the gold away from him.

I’m not sure if this race baiting is meant to anger us or turns us on even more by the injustice of it all.

If the whole point of pro wrestling is to depict really powerful and attractive specimens of masculinity being degraded and defeated, then this little humiliation scene definitely got the job done.  I love it when WWE gets all pornographic like this!

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2 Responses to Owned and Dethroned

  1. Dino says:

    Very handsome man. I actually like the pic where his ripped gut is a bit puffy. Makes a great target for an extended claw or a thumb jammed deep into his navel while he is layed out on his back with his big pecs heaving to get a breath.

  2. Sean Pford says:

    That picture of him with Ezekiel Jackson tho!