Catch Him While You Can

So this hot new Tumblr site called JakeSlammer suddenly appeared on September 9th.  It features a ton of really exciting pro wrestling images (such as this one of some helpless pretty boy on his knees, being manhandled by a couple of masked brutes and a cocky trash-talking Heel holding the microphone.)

In just a few days, the dude has posted dozens of really arousing, brutal, sleazy, and sexy photos of my favorite sport — check out his feed if it’s still active.

The reason I say “if it’s still active” is because I think I recognize this Tumblr.  He has appeared (and then suddenly disappeared) several times over the years.  He will dish out hundreds of awesome images (which I grab and save as quickly as I can), then poof, he vanishes and deletes his entire site.

I blogged about him and his great work in 2013 in an article titled “Surf or Sleep” and again in 2015 in “Who Was That Masked Man?” when he called his Tumblr site Super Destroyer.

Well now he’s back and I’m all turned on about it.  My heart skipped a beat when I stumbled upon his Tumblr and realized that this was probably my favorite mystery blogger, back in action and serving up all this amazing wrestle-porn like he does.

I know I say this every time, but please PLEASE don’t suddenly stop and delete all this great stuff, mystery man!

There are several ways I can always recognize this Tumblr and know that it’s him.  First of all, when I sport wood just from browsing a Tumblr site, I know it’s probably him.  My dick doesn’t lie.  We are on the exact same page when it comes to deciding what photos are boner-worthy and deserve to be uploaded.

Second, I know his favorite themes.  He likes to post torture holds, photos of boots and trunks, good suffering, lots of sleepers, plenty of masked men, really hunky swole wrestlers just standing there, etc.  I recognize his fetishes because most of those are also my fetishes.


And finally, when he writes a caption for his images, He Has This Habit of Capitalizing Every Word Like He’s Writing a Book Title.   For example, it’s hard to read, but his caption under this bloody image reads:

It’s All Out The Window When The Cage Match Gets Weaponized.  Fuck.

Nice caption!  He used to write more captions when he was known as Super Destroyer.  Now he just Hashtags the shit out of his images with all my favorite Hashtags: #wrestling, #heel, #jobbers, #hotwrestling,#toughguys, #muscle, etc

So here is a typical image from his Tumblr.  Why do I like looking at it?  Let me count the ways…

Utter dominance; stars & stripes mask; handsome clean-cut jobber; lean jobber body bent over; old-timey pro singlet with one strap; suffering face and hands; ring ropes penning them in.

Basically everywhere I look in the photo triggers the parts of my brain that crave pro rasslin.

I think I’ve seen (and possibly already posted) this classic image before, but it’s so damn hot and fun to look at.  That face of suffering on the contorted victim.  The look of confidence and easy control on the dominant bald Heel’s face.  Those snug little black trunks.  Their glistening bodies, their bare-chested muscles exposed for our viewing pleasure (especially the stretched-out pretty boy.)

Then the cute ref leans in to ask the suffering stud if he wants mercy and I’m about ready to lose it over just this one photo.   Now do you see why I appreciate this Tumblr guy’s work?

So if you’re into this guy’s images, get on the JakeSlammer Tumblr and grab them while they’re hot — he may vanish again soon.  In fact, he may already be gone even before this article posts to my blog!

And if you are Jake Slammer, thanks for your great shares — definitely appreciated!  Feel free to stick around on Tumblr for a year or ten.  Or feel free to reach out to me and we can collaborate or share images or something.  We’d make a great blogging Tag Team.




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5 Responses to Catch Him While You Can

  1. Jake Slammer says:

    Oh Fuck. So yea, one good turn deserves another, Wrestling Arsenal (a site that I have been obsessing over for years now, chub central) dedicated a whole post to me and my on again off again attempts at having a wrestling blog/tumblr. Looking back, damn, I am such a pervo, but then again, that’s what happens when my part time job as a pro wrestler also contains many of my kinks. He was the reason I went to Pro Wrestling School. Anyway, so I discovered yea, we gay wrestlers and fans have a fuck load to say and to post, so here I am, once again. Also glad Tumblr got sold to WordPress! So that said, I am not married, lol, yes I am gay, yes I am a pro wrestler and yea, I am working on not capitalizing my posts and writing more! So thanks Wrestling Arsenal, you have been a true inspiration.

  2. Mikey Aarons says:

    Great find! (or, re-find in your case lol)
    The wrestling kink community on Tumblr is slowly making a resurgence. I swore I’d never go back but decided to restart mine and it’s almost more active than it was before. I was shocked. I haven’t had many issues either. If any post is auto-flagged I just appeal it and it’s approved within the hour.
    Thanks for highlighting this super hot Tumblr!

  3. Dr.Fever says:

    Great selection.
    Anyone know the name of guy getting his body rammed into the cage? (5th pic)

  4. RayAtL says:

    Well … it looks like Jake has abandoned the blog once again.
    None of the links provided are working and a search on Tumblr for “Jake Something” turns up blank…
    I’ve followed Arsenal for years now and it always stands out as the best blog for me.

  5. fruvous says:

    Is the tumblr gone now? I tried clicking the links and get a page not found error.