Public Indecency

In this recent video from Spotland Scrappers called “Stair Crazy”, the pro-style wrestling begins on the fire escape outside their studio.  Both guys are wearing bath robes over their pro gear, I guess to avoid alarming the neighbors with public near-nudity.  It seems that Manni, in the blue robe, felt that Max was talking too loudly on his cell phone (to his Grandma!  Ha ha ha!)   So Manni snatches Max’s phone and begins to choke him.  I’m not sure what Granny was thinking about this — hopefully she didn’t call the cops.

As they continue to tussle on the fire escape, their robes parting to offer peeks at their lean physiques and pro style trunks, we get some great views of the neighborhood.   We see rows of old-timey brick townhouses and apartments — I think they’re called “tenements.”

It has me fantasizing about living in this quiet working-class neighborhood, with a pro wrestling ring hidden behind closed doors right at the end of the street, where this group of young blue-collar guys love to play dress up and wrestle around in their gear and film it.  Why don’t the young guys around my neighborhood ever do this, so I can watch or join them??   (Maybe they are, and I just don’t know about it.  Maybe a secret Fight Club is happening right on my block behind closed doors…)

Anyway, they bring the action inside and strip off their robes to expose their spectacular pro gear and hard bodies, with Manni in gorgeous lime & black trunks (with matching boots) and Max in white jobber gear.

One thing I love about Spotland Scrappers: they do wear the classiest, most authentic gear in Underground Wrestling.

Their high-quality wingtip boots get me most excited.  While other wrestle-porn producers may skimp on the footwear budget, using amateur shoes or costume boots (or even going barefoot in many cases), the Spotland Scrappers go all out, treating us to these well-crafted and shiny stompers laced up almost to their knees!



We soon realize that Manni is into Scissors — he applies them over and over again.  Head Scissors, Body Scissors, Seated-on-the-Ring Apron Scissors — it’s awesome.

I think I’m going to need to order more of Manni’s matches, because I suspect that he loves Scissors as much as I love Scissors.

At 10:30 into this 30-minute video, Manni tosses Max between the ropes for some in-ring bullying.  That’s my favorite place in the world for pro wrestling punishment to happen, so you know I’m feeling happy about the $8 I paid to download this video.

That’s another thing I love about Spotland Scrappers — VERY affordable videos.  I could afford to download 4 of 5 matches from their Wayopay store — and I think I will right now!

Once in the ring, the lads show off their Old School Rasslin skills, running the ropes, Clotheslining, a Monkey Flip, all that wonderful violent eye-candy.

And doesn’t our young Max look fine in those snug white trunks?!   White is always a smart gear choice for the jobber!

Max takes control for a few Hope Spots, punishing Manni’s legs with awesome Leglocks.  Check out Max slamming his body backwards to punish the knee — that’s Classic Rasslin 101!  Clearly this Max knows his pro wrestling.  It’s little details like this that make it work for me.

Max gets some revenge on Manni for that earlier Scissor abuse, using the Heel’s own patented hold against him.  This is great Ring Psychology, great camera work, great facial expressions and body positioning.  Great boots too (I already said that).   Max’s pretty Elbow Leaning Body-Scissor looks so good, I snapped two Screencaps of it instead of just one…

But Max’s Good Guy grappling is no match for Manni’s dirty tactics.  Here we see Manni trying to bend down the ringpost, using Max’s crotch for leverage.

Manni busts Max’s nuts like this twice, actually — against two different ring posts.  Max pleads for mercy, hoping to keep his manhood intact.

For classic pro wrestling fans like me, Spotland Scrappers is a thrill — and a bargain at $8 to $12 for each video.  There is not any sexual stuff or elaborate stories — it’s mostly bread-and-butter Rasslin’ shenanigans.  We do get to hear Max whimper: “Please man, let me go!” a few times, which, to me, is better than full nudity and a make-out session.


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4 Responses to Public Indecency

  1. Gerald Lemire says:

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sportjock says:

    Love seeing studs punished; especially if they are trapped in the ring ropes or trapped upside down in the corner and displayed.

  3. Phil says:

    Max’s leglock is a thing of beauty. I can stare at it for hours.

  4. Guy LeBuff says:

    These spotland scrappers matches are always so hot!! They always give the full show…never pull any punches…especially with the low blows haha…