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I was impressed by a recent YouTube video featuring these identical twins in matching blue tights — the Riegel Twins (pronounced “Regal” as in king-like.)

These brothers have been in the ring for years perfecting their Tandem Offense.  They used to have long hair (see below) but I’m digging their new high and tight cleancut look.  I wonder which brother gets to decide when they’re both going to cut their hair?

There is something magical about identical twins, as if their exact symmetry (or their shared DNA) enables them to think and move in perfect harmony.

The secret of every Twin Tag Team’s success is in working together, implementing flashy two on one moves like this Pendulum DDT.  It’s the ultimate synergy, which only identical twins can perfectly embody.

After watching these swole brothers in action, I became a bit obsessed with their Double Team antics.  So I checked out a bunch their matches and captured the best examples of Riegel Twin teamwork.

They tie this brute in knots and knock him on his ass.

Maybe I’ve got a thing for Twins because I want them to come over my place and do this to me (and anything else they want to do to over-power and dominate me two-0n-one.)


Here is another example of their awesome Assisted DDT maneuver.  It’s a fun turn-about, with their opponent trying to throw one Twin only to have the other Twin step in to interrupt the move.

Twin #2 then throws Twin #1 who takes his revenge by driving the opponent’s skull into the mat.  It’s flashy, it’s surprising, and it looks very deadly — I like it!

They haven’t always worn the long blue tights.  Here in beautiful white trunks is  a long-haired Logan Riegel (I can’t tell the brothers apart but I heard the commentator say his name.)

This was a great look for them — I wonder if they still have these whitey-tightie trunks and why in the world they quit wearing them!

You might also know the twins as “Royal Blood” which was their team name when they competed in the National Wrasslin’ League (NWL).

They changed their first names to Jax and Jet which is kind of hot, and got their bodies muscled up (which is really hot.)  The NWL promoters prefer their wrestlers to be all muscled up and fit.

In this cool spot, the Twins hug and then execute mirror image backflips to send their opponents out of the ring.

The other dudes may be dressed identically, but our take-away is that they are not true twins, so they lack the telepathy to be able to pull off sweet matching moves like this.

Whoa, they’ve been working out!  It seems to be a gimmick among Twin tag teams to wear a variety of matching colorful outfits (think of the Batten Twins’ infamous trunks, in red, g0ld, and zebra stripe.)

Twin teams titillate and surprise us with their constant new looks and fresh gear, always exactly identical.  These baby blue tights were a nice sleek look, and holy shit, those GUNS!

This is what I want in my life — a look alike brother who protects and assists me, catching my legs and giving me a boost so I can utterly wipe out the enemy who was trying to harm me.

This longing for an exact match of ourselves is the appeal of twin teams in wrestling — a fairly common gimmick.

A book-end Tag Team is presented as an ideal partnership, the epitome of homo-social bonding and synergy.  For the two partners to be identical twins just takes that close supportive relationship — that intimacy — to a higher level.

Also, while most Tag Teams are in constant danger of splitting up, of divorcing and finding new partners, you know the identical twin teams are locked into this relationship for life and will always be together.

Goodness me, these little black trunks!   Another spectacular gear choice for the twins — their shared last name written in silver script across their asses.

I love how the outside Royal always rests a boot on the bottom rope while waiting to get in the ring.  I’d actually be willing to pay double for admission to a pro wrestling show if I could get a guarantee that the tag team wrestlers must place one foot up on the bottom rope while awaiting the tag.

I’m officially a Riegel Twins fan (or Royal Blood fan) as of today.  I’ll be following their careers as long as they stay together as a team and dress alike.

I hope to see many more tandem wrestling moves, and many more interesting and eye-catching costumes from these twins.


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3 Responses to Twins Fan

  1. Phil says:

    These twins are incredibly hot. I am a fan as of right now!!

  2. Jamal P says:

    Who’s the wrestler in the black trunks in the first picture?

  3. admin says:

    His name is Latrell Upton. The link to that match is