Thanksgiving Holliday

I continue to enjoy the Dickhead Heel antics of this big bad boy, Richard Holliday.  In a video recently posted to YouTube, he dominated some studly fan favorite named Johnny Moran, like a good Heel should.

The audience is hot for hunky Johnny Moran, who calls himself “The Man.”  So you just know this beloved fan favorite is going to take a glorious whupping (which is why I love pro wrestling.)

Sure enough, another Heel named John Wes who is not even involved in the match assaults poor Johnny and crashes him into the ringside steps.

This is going to be one of those matches where the Hero is clearly injured (in this case, his aching back) yet bravely, or foolishly, agrees to wrestle anyway.  The Villain will then pick apart his injury, targeting it for endless abuse and punishment.

In other words, this match is a guaranteed boner.

Sure enough, cruel Richard Holliday delivers a ton of Back Breakers, Spine Busters, and Body Slams.  If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now — Holliday is a dream, the perfect mix of arrogance, brutality, beef, and trunk-bulge.

Today is meant for giving thanks, so let me tell you what I’m thankful for.  I am thankful for all the amazing, exciting pro wrestling, available for free on YouTube or for a small fee from a thousand other excellent sources.

I’m thankful for hotties like this Johnny Moran, who strip down to their spandex trunks and sell for us, acting like their backs are broken as they roll around on the floor degrading themselves for our viewing pleasure.

And I’m thankful for beefy, brutal fuckers like Richard Holliday, who follow them out to the floor to further punish and abuse them, cheating all the way.

Or stand over them in dominance, gazing down with a sneer.  Or pin them only to yank them up for more glorious torture on the two count.  

Holliday reminds me of an Old School Heel, driving these brutal knees into poor Moran’s injured lower back, then standing over him to survey the damage and prepare for another dose of violence.

One reader described Holliday very well when I blogged about him back in May “Richard Holliday is my epitome of a hot heel, I love the way he fills out his trunks and his broad chest, hot haircut, and heaving gut.”


Check out this dominance and bullying.  Holliday snatches his victim up by the hair (love it), only to break his back over a knee.  How much more spinal punishment can “The Man” endure, wrestling fans?

Wow, what a humiliating display as Holliday repeatedly yanks his ragdoll up on the Two Count.   That is Master Level Heel Work there.  When I saw this happening, I immediately subscribed to Pennsylvania Premier Wrestling on YouTube because they clearly understand hot pro wrestling, and for that, I am thankful.




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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Holliday

  1. Mark says:

    ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS…Moran bent back over the rail…….( 7th pic down ) Thick, Beefy Chest WIDE OPEN to accept the Punishment Holliday is ready to deliver.
    Beautiful shot…..both the picture and the “shot” Moran is about to get !!

  2. outfitter says:

    And ‘thank you’ to the administrator! These photos, gif’s and match descriptions are great! Keep up the good work, or if you will, labor of love.

  3. Indy Fan says:

    Huge Richard Holliday fan here, he is young and cocky and kicks butt and is hot as hell as the heel. Richard Holliday is sex on legs, what is not to like?

  4. Phil says:

    Great post. Holliday is terrific. Wonderful holiday present.