Mothman, part 1 of 2

You might recognize Martin Casaus as the hopeful rookie who injured himself on Tough Enough Season 5 back in 2011 and had to leave the competition.  They made it seem as if his wrestling career was over (I think I cried.)

But Marty has kept wrestling, and has now found fame and success playing a Heel in the Lucha Underground federation named Marty “the Moth” Martinez.  I’m not sure why he calls himself “the Moth” — an odd nickname for a wrestler for sure — but nobody could pronounce the name “Casaus” anyway, so a name change was warranted.

The Moth’s opponent on the 9/19/18 episode of Lucha Underground was a fan favorite known as Dragon Azteca.  Their title bout is available on YouTube.

Azteca is working the Injured Hero routine.  Earlier in the program, some creep was threatening a woman, so the heroic Azteca rushed in to rescue her.

He got his spine and neck injured for his troubles with this Spine Snapper move, just in time for his title defense against the cruel, sadistic Marty the Moth.


The bell rings and Marty instantly wastes his injured opponent with this KILLER Chin-Kick!  OUCH!

You can see Marty has packed on some weight since his Tough Enough days, and I think it looks fantastic on him!  I prefer my Heels to look beefy, super-sized, and dangerous.

When Marty first joined Lucha Underground, he served as a jobber and as comic relief.  He had to pay his dues for a few years.

Now he has blossomed as a frightening, lusty, and unhinged killer — utterly brutal in the ring and apparently turned on by the violence he inflicts.


I dig that tight mask on Azteca — I think the chinless look is hot,

Knowing that his opponent’s neck was injured earlier in the show, Marty targets that injury like a classic Heel Opportunist.

He twists the poor guy’s head around like an owl, and then drives that neck down across a knee, trying to break it.  Yum, I love a cruel, crazy Heel and Marty is killing it!

I especially enjoy when the meaty brutes don’t shy away from wearing the skimpiest of trunks, as Marty always does.  The last thing I want to see is Marty the Moth covered shoulder-to-knee in thick black spandex!  I’m not saying I want to watch an obese hippo waddling around in a bikini, but I prefer a Heel with some meat on his bones like Arn, Tully, Buzz, or Brody, so I believe the evil Moth is built just right!

Part of my enjoyment of Marty’s in-ring dominance stems from his origins in the USA.  He traveled south of the border and assumed ownership of the Lucha Underground ring and federation.  For all their training and tradition, the Luchadores can’t stop this massive force of nature and his crazy serial killer behavior.  Imagine the frustration of the proud fans as they watch Marty the Moth rip their heroes limb from limb each week!

When Marty grows bored of kicking the Dragon’s dick in the dirt, he finishes off the fan favorite with a sick looking Twisting Spinal Slam.  The Dragon can kiss his championship belt goodbye (if he can wake up and actually move his body…)

I am happy to see Marty  moving up the ranks in Lucha Underground.  He feels like an old friend whose success makes you feel good.   I like his look, his gear, and especially his Dickhead Heel cruelty and sadism which I will blog more about in the near future…

To be continued…

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2 Responses to Mothman, part 1 of 2

  1. battle-porn says:

    Martin Casaus’s body is fine as fuck. Just like Ethan Page, his handsome face, evil grin, beefy torso and tiny bikini always drive me nuts. If these two fight each other it would be a dream come true for me.

  2. JR says:

    Totally agree about loving to see a beefy heel have the confidence to strut his stuff in a pair of super skimpy trunks. Marty is pretty damn hot, though in my opinion he’d be 10 times sexier if he got a haircut.