Professional Behavior


The latest batch of videos available from Muscleboy Wrestling included a back-and-forth match between Aspen (on the left, above) and Nick Flex, at right.  Even though their bout occurs in a matroom rather than the ring, the tone of the match is more like Professional Wrestling rather than an amateur style tussle, so you know I am a satisfied customer.

Here Nick Flex delivers a classic Suplex for example, dumping Aspen on his back to stun him.  You don’t really see Suplexes when you watch wrestling in the Olympics (which is why I don’t watch olympic wrestling…)   Nick Flex seems to enjoy pro wrestling and understands how to perform it, which makes him one of my favorite talents on the MBW roster.

And we might as well address the pink elephant in the room right away — Aspen’s amazing star-spangled bikini briefs.  Whoa.  Much of the camera’s focus, and my focus, lingers on that impressive cock bulge, the thin spandex fabric barely able to restrain his bold manliness.

I dig the star motif because it reminds me of the patterned singlets and tights that pro wrestlers wore in the 1970’s.  I grew up with my eyes glued to the TV screen when the wrestlers wore stars on their legs and boots, so now when I see white stars on any piece of clothing, I am like Pavlov’s dogs drooling at the sound of a bell.

Nick sure can’t resist that enticing bulge, highlighted by those pretty white stars, so he reaches out and grabs ahold of Aspen’s star-spangled twig and berries…


The match is actually not 100% pro style wrestling — there are many amateur moves, lots of punching, but no overt sex action (which is fine with me, really.)  But the moments that caught my eye and twitched my dick were the classic pro moves, like Nick’s gorgeous OTK BB here!

The most crucial element in any pro wrestling match — the defining behavior that informs us they are rasslin and not wrestling — is the willingness to sell.  One or both opponents needs to play along, allow himself to be thrown, lie flat on the mat.  This ego sacrifice and self-abasement is what does it for me.  If you want me to watch your program or download your video, you just need to include lots and lots of good selling — then I will enjoy it no matter how fake it is (the faker the better, really.)

Nick performs some loud slaps that never connect with Aspen’s face.  He slaps his opposite hand to make the sound, but clearly misses by half a foot.  Yet Aspen plays up these non-slaps, sprawling on the mat like he was struck solid with a two-by-four.

Now you may suspect that I’m disappointed by Aspen’s play-acting, that I want my money back due to this obvious fakery.  But actually, I love it because it looks and feels like old time pro wrestling — because it’s nice and fake, just how I love my rasslin’.   I never wanted Aspen to be slapped — I just want him to act slapped.  The fact that he’s playing along, acting the jobber, deferring to Nick Flex’s wide misses, willingly rolling around pretending to be hurt in his little star bikini for us — THAT is whole ballgame for me.   THAT is why I enjoy many MBW videos — because they understand fake wrestling and why it’s sexy, whether performed in a ring or not.



Way to go MBW, keep the fake wrestling matches coming.  Keep booking Nick Flex as the dominant Heel on your roster — he “gets” the look and feel of pro wrestling and he clearly loves it too.  Keep serving up submissive eye candy jobbers like Aspen.

I don’t really care if they fuck or not.  I don’t care to see them grapple in a realistic manner.  All I need is some playful, over-acted suffering performed by hotties wearing just the right gear, and I’m a loyal customer for life.

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3 Responses to Professional Behavior

  1. battle-porn says:

    Now I’m intrigued. So many people have raved about this match.

  2. Johnny Coxx says:

    You NAILED it with your commentary about ‘fake’ not only being OK, but arousing! I couldn’t agree more.

  3. K T Ong says:

    Hey, sometimes you do see some very hot Kama Sutra moves in Olympic wrestling!