Rando Rasslin Rumination

Here are some more random wrestling images that found their way onto my Hard Drive as I’ve been surfing around.  Mostly these are images of dudes in trunks showing off their fit bodies for our viewing pleasure, which is ultimately the whole point of pro wrestling, amIright?

I like how this victim of the Trophy Hold locks his arms over the top rope to give us a sense of bondage and to really play up his helplessness.  THAT is how you pro wrestle!

Beautiful Armbar by this smiling stud,  Is he laughing at us because he knows we get off on pro wrestling?

No, I think he is laughing along with us because he knows how hot and fun this fake sexy fighting can be and he loves performing it just as much as we love seeing it.

God, why do I find white gear so irresistable??



Arms draped all limp on the ropes.  Bare flesh glowing under the bright spotlights.  Face relaxed and dazed as the Heel grips him by the hair.

Yeah, get him you bloodthirsty savages — no mercy on this gorgeous jobber.

Damn, are these two even from the same species?  That big beast needs to scoop up the little cutie in his arms and just Bearhug him, like he’s crushing a sack of beer cans in his arms.  I’d love to see that.

Don’t stop squeezing until he either starts crying or passes out (or both.)


The shirt and vest give him an air of gentility and decorum.  But then he ruthlessly snaps a dude’s leg over his neck, the dude’s exposed junk in his face, and we know we’re not watching Masterpiece Theater at this point.

Is it weird if you’d rather see him in a shiny pair of trunks rather than totally nude?


I actually enjoy it when wrestlers pay tribute to the Golden Age by dressing in old-timey tights and growing mustachios that went out of style decades ago.  This makes pro wrestling seem timeless and everlasting to me (Yay!)

It’s as if, when 2118 rolls around, the new crop of pro wrestlers will be dressing up to look like Ziggler or Balor or Cena.  And then I feel good that pro wrestling will still be around for the rest of my time on the planet so I can still enjoy it.


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4 Responses to Rando Rasslin Rumination

  1. battle-porn says:

    Kalisto’s bulge and ass are amazing. And his scream in this match really gets me to that point (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbOQvWY8tPs).

  2. Dr.Fever says:

    Tasty selection of pretty boy punishment, thx 😉

  3. mj says:

    gotta say…how some wrestlers back in the day were sex symbols…i will never know.
    ric flair…michael hayes…dusty rhodes. COME ON!!!!!! sexy??? no way!!!!!!

  4. admin says:

    It was all about attitude and dominance, not abs.