Torture Chambers, part 2 of 2

05tombstoneAs promised, it’s been 6 days since I posted Part 1 of  my recap of this Chain Rope match on YouTube between Jake Something and Kris Chambers, so it’s time for me to finish telling the story.

When we last saw Kris Chambers, he had the pleasure of viewing Jake’s bulging trunks close up, mixed with the pain of being spiked on his head.





Apparently in a Chain Rope match, you can also use items around ringside as weapons.  This wasn’t really explained earlier, but we see the boys bring a garbage can, ladder, and metal folding chair into the ring, and the ref does nothing to stop it, so it must be OK.

I’m not sure why a hard-core match often has a sexual energy — maybe because using foreign objects is normally outlawed, but here the rules are tossed out and nothing is off limits, nothing is forbidden, and performing acts normally considered taboo can be a turn-on.  Part of it is also because Jake is so damn hot in his black trunks — he can’t NOT have a sexy match.





Just when I thought this match couldn’t get kinkier and more deliciously sadistic, two of Jake’s buddies join in.  The one in the hoodie pulls Chambers’ hair and holds his arms back so the red-haired thug can conk him on the head with a garbage can.

Later they wrap the chain around the jobber’s neck and hang him (all apparently legal in a Chain Rope match), but I didn’t really grab any good images of the lynching scene.  Go watch the video if you want to see it — they hang Chambers at 26:12.


05chainwhipLater the two cheaters restrain the victim’s arms so nasty, naughty, hunky Jake Something can whip him with a length of chain.

Question: Why do the Good Guy wrestlers never have any friends willing to come help them during these anything-goes matches?



Someone actually does eventually chase away the cheaters so we can back to some one-on-one torture action.

Here Someting applies another variation of his devastating Bomb, this time driving Chambers’ spine into a ladder.



Eventually the submissive Kris Chambers decides to act as kinky and sadistic as his opponent, chaining Jake to a table like a beast, then dropping this awesome Elbow Killer onto his chest!


So Jake lost, the crowd still hates him, I love him even more, and he flips everyone off.  One stipulation I forgot to mention is that this band of brothers known as “The Cure”  must now disband.  They can no longer act as a team (nor as fuck-buddies?) and that is why Jake is so angry.  But Jake clearly never follows the rules anyway (which is why I’m into him), so I don’t see why he’d follow this one.




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3 Responses to Torture Chambers, part 2 of 2

  1. outfitter says:

    This match was off-the-hook nuts! I’m sure both Chambers and Something felt the effects of their bout days after it occurred.

  2. Phil says:

    I am now a fan of Something. Thanks for posting these two…..I’ve watched the match three times; I never get tired of seeing Something’s Pile Driver.

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    attac, kick hurt punch his vulnerable and displayed crotch