Exploring His Inner Jobber, 2 of 2

00MikDrakeOn the 6/9/18 episode of West Coast Wrestling Connection, two of their hot young hopefuls fought to move up the ranks.  Dicky Mayer converted to Baby-Face recently, after aligning with another Good Boy: Clark Connors.  Dicky’s opponent,  Mik Drake, is always a big mean Heel with his dark beard and fancy trunks.

02snapItThey’ve dressed Dicky in all white gear now that he’s a lovable Good Guy.  This is the uniform of the Hero Wrestler, the color that signifies purity, nobility, and clean living.

In my previous article, we saw Austin Tyler don white spandex to signify his transition to the Light Side of the Force as well.

03ankleSciss03grinderLike any great Heel, Drake focuses his punishment on one body part: Dicky’s injured leg.

Check out Drake thrusting his hips, pouring on the pressure by grinding hard on that appendage between his legs.  THAT’s how to apply this hold, by making it seem suggestive and naughty.

04coming04helpThe brains behind the WCWC promotion understand the appeal of the Attractive Young Protagonist, suffering at the hands of the older, stronger monster.

WCWC takes every swole, handsome lad they can find (Mayer, Connors, Matthews, Vuitton, Duggan, etc.), then dresses him in pretty little trunks, and has him suffer for our viewing pleasure.  It’s an old gimmick, but it still works!   I’m happy to find the Hot Young Baby-Face in Peril formula that I grew up on still being portrayed in our post-modern, post-hero, post-white-male, post-truth age.

05legstompDicky wears clean white boots (like all the Whipping Boys in WCWC) which draw our eyes to his legs, which Drake is trying to break.  Dicky’s tall striped athletic socks protrude over the top of the boots.

I recall one of my readers used to get into tall socks, asking me to post images with a view of the sock fabric exposed.  Are you still with us, Sock Guy?  Here you go — Dicky Mayer wears them just the way you like it.  Hey, whatever floats your boat — I’ve got about a dozen gear hang-ups that would seem unusual to someone who doesn’t get it.

04hurt07fig407pressureWhen Mik Drake slapped on the Figure 4 Leglock, he became my favorite Heel (at least for this week.)  It’s the fucking Holy Grail of leg punishment!  It’s the final Money Shot that caps off a Leg Torture match.

And of course Drake sexies it up, bumping and grinding as if he’s pleasuring himself, with Mayer’s boot protruding up from between his legs.

08entangled07shoulderedSo WCWC did it again with their endless supply of fresh faced young muscle guys and always well-chosen gear.  Dicky Mayer shows off his versatility, able to suffer and sell with the best of them.

Mik Drake, who is popping up everywhere these days, is a talented and relentless Heel, and delivers just enough crazy sadistic personality to remind me of the old Psycho Killers from the 1970’s and 80’s wrestling federations.  Keep up the great work boys, we’re loving it!


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4 Responses to Exploring His Inner Jobber, 2 of 2

  1. W.R. says:

    Wow, I didn’t know old school wrestling like this still existed. Thanks for posting this. I also have a wrestling blog myself at wrsscreencaps.blogspot.com. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks, W.R.

  2. BB's says:

    Still here and appreciating the reference and all your fine work.

  3. admin says:

    Hi BB (Big Boots?) — I’m glad to learn that you’re still out there following my blog and enjoying the big boots and tall socks. Hope you enjoyed this recent gallery.

  4. BB's says:

    Big Boots here. Oh I did enjoy the boots with the socks … and sure many others did too.

    To many more!

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