The Fierce

01getupThis classic Mexican wrestling match recently posted to YouTube features some hot scenes of violence and brutality that I sure enjoyed.

Even before the pretty young whipping boy, La Fiera, can remove his jacket and climb in the ring, he is beaten bloody by his enemy, Babe Face (pronounced “Baby Face”), his head driven into the ringpost.

01headbuttWhat a great Heel we have here.  Babe Face is beefy and intimidating, like the sleazy, raunchy bastards that inhabited my wrestling wet dreams during the 1970’s and 80’s.  His name “Baby Face” is both vain and absurd, perfect for a big, arrogant Dickhead.

And once he sees that he has busted open the good guy’s face, he keeps targeting the wound.

01strippedThis is actually a Three-on-Three match, the most common format for Lucha Libre.   Here we see one of the other villains helping to strip La Fiera (“The Fierce“) of his ring jacket just before Babe Face slugs him again.

My focus is only on the poor, bloody-faced Fiera and his bully rather than all the other wrestlers.  Their interactions really make this match sizzle.

02bloodied02helplessI don’t speak Spanish so I’m not sure why this bully is behaving so violently, determined to harm and humiliate his victim.  Do they justify this brutality or say anything to explain why Babe Face despises this poor kid?

Not knowing the reason behind this torture somehow adds to the mystique and excitement for me.

02spikedAnd let me Fan-Boy all over La Fiera for a moment.  His suffering is fantastic and I dig his body.  He barely lifts a finger to protect himself and I love that.  Here he allows his abuser to yank him up by the hair and run his face into the turnbuckles for like the tenth time this match.

Then he sells the fuck out of the impact, flopping on his back in the style of a helpless bitch-boy being flung onto a bed.




03kneedPro wrestling in general was so wonderfully gritty and vicious in those days, and Mexican wrestling was even more so with all their Triple Teaming, mask ripping, hair-vs-hair stipulations, and blood.

The sleazy bastard delivers a big stiff knee to the helpless man’s head!  He actually gave him a few more stiff knee-caps to the brain after this one.



The Mexican thugs fight dirty here.  One of the villains holds La Fiera steady so Babe Face can slam a stiff elbow to his bloody forehead.  They’re giving this dude multiple concussions and they apparently give zero fucks about his wellness.

This lpoks so unnecessary and cruel.  Why are they mistreating this poor guy, and why are the officials permitting it?!  We don’t know the answers to these questions, and not knowing makes the scene even more powerful and provocative.03spike1

What is it about bloody, shirtless brutality that stimulates so much excitement in the viewer?  The primal region of the brain that responds to violence must be in close proximity to the brain’s pleasure center (or maybe my wires are just crossed.)  All I know is that I had to watch this outrageous match three times before I could make it all the way through.

03woe 04jobber07hugeelbowThis is how Babe Face defeats La Fiera, with this masterful Flying Elbow Crusher.  BAM — right to his exposed upper body!  Then he pins the bitch.  Oh you rough, fat, filthy sonuvabitch!

The other four wrestlers involved in this half-hour match also got involved and did their moves.  But these two with their rough play really stole the show in my book.


Wow.  After winning the match, the bully kicks his humbled boy-toy in the ribs a few times.  What a great way to finish off this naughty, nasty fight.  I think I need to watch more old-timey Lucha Libre.

This is the epic kind of match that can burn itself into a young viewer’s memory banks and stir up all sorts of feelings about dominance, punishment, and manhood.

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2 Responses to The Fierce

  1. Mike says:

    Just like late 60s and 70s and some 80s wrestling when it was dangerous and hot. Saw a clip of a match with Adam Page and the Young Bucks (3 pretty guys with potential) and it was just a choreographed dance routine rather than a brawl. Even movie star handsome Roderick Strong is boring, it’s all geared towards pre-teens.

  2. battle-porn says:

    La Fiera does a great job by playing the role of a submissive victim till the last minute. He even sells the hell out of that final kick in the ribs. That’s what jobbers are made of.