Building Tension

01playboyIn this Indy match recently posted to YouTube, the sexual tension begins to build from the moment the Heel — Playboy Atlas — enters the ring in his bulging pink trunks.  Some pro wrestling matches just tend to run higher on the Kinsey Scale, and this is one of them.

This stud is fuckin JACKED, his muscular torso glistening with body-oil as he struts around flexing for the fans’ visual pleasure.  The nickname “Playboy” implies he is a sexually adventurous rake who is addicted to pleasure.  This hedonistic persona just adds to his attractiveness and mystique in the minds of the excited fans.

02cowboyThen the champ takes the ring — Cowboy Mike in his red hat and thick lasso draped over his buff, bare chest.  This costume evokes the archetype of the Gay Cowboy, the rootin’ tootin’ gunslinger who is feeling randy after months out on the range.

When the combatants in any competition look this handsome and appealing, the sexual tension will be as thick as the steam in a sauna.  We just can’t help picturing them lusting for one another.  Strip them down to flamboyant little spandex briefs and there’s just no denying that we’ve crossed the border into the land of soft core porn.



03dickpatGiven that he is one of the hottest studs in the company, and given that he’s in the ring with the other really hot stud in the company, Cowboy Mike decides to push the homo-erotic envelope further.

He has noticed that the Playboy’s front pouch is being stretched to the limit by the weight contained within.  (Yes, I was just noticing that myself.)   The Cowboy insists that the ref pat down that big pink-spandexed bulge to see if it’s really just a big cock in there or some other type of weapon.

To everyone’s shock, the ref (who is a cute little devil himself) kneels down and gropes the Playboy’s crotchal region.


04hipthrustAfter a brief skirmish that highlights the Playboy’s prowess, the well-endowed bad-boy begins to grind his hips like an exotic dancer, leveling up the sexual tension yet another degree or two.

Cowboy Mike is feeling threatened (or perhaps turned on) by this blatant display of sexual prowess.  He will make Atlas pay the price for these queer antics in the Real Man’s sport of wrasslin’.

04manhandledNot to be out-gayed, Mike next grabs ahold of that massive bulge that has fascinated him (and us) since he first laid eyes on this hunk.

OK now they’re grabbin dick.  Surely we can agree that the intent of this match is to get the audience aroused by sexualizing this situation.04armbar

04struggleStruggling to escape the painful Armbar, the Playboy kicks his legs around, offering revealing looks of  the pink trunks.

Is he truly just squirming around to escape that Armlock, or is he perhaps trying to get the viewers to think inappropriate thoughts?06playboyDown

07arguingAre they going to fight or fuck?  They grab passionately at one another’s necks.  I’ve seen gay porno with less intimacy, skin-on-skin contact, and mutual affection than this wrestling bout.



06beefcakeTo keep our thoughts focused on fucking, Atlas pauses his attack in the middle of the bout to again grind his hips — this time in our general direction.

He can’t help it if he is physically attractive and we lust for him against his will.  But when he oils up his body until it glistens and then grinds his hips at us, he is just begging us to pop a boner over him.





When Cowboy Mike is distracted, the Playboy sneaks up behind him and rams a forearm up into his balls to crush them and de-sex the Cowboy.  This is revenge for the Nut Grip earlier in the bout.

Busting balls is another way to increase the sexual tone of the match, one man emasculating the other.


I will end my review of this very queer match with the Cowboy’s thighs split apart, his own bulge on prominent display.  This may not actually be the pinfall, you will have to watch the match to know for sure.

Actually, I will post one more image of the Cowboy being tied up and subdued.  Speaking of a very homo-erotic scene…







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8 Responses to Building Tension

  1. MOE says:

    Atlas is an all time favorite of mine and has to be sporting one of the biggest packages in all of pro wrestling!

  2. Sean Pford says:

    Five stars. Ten stars. ALL the stars.

  3. Mike T. says:

    God, I love this blog.

  4. Mark says:

    This match could’ve been heightened even further by the ref looking inside the pink trunks when checking them and indicating that it was all pure bulge tucked inside.

  5. battle-porn says:

    This match is truly steamy. I too am fascinated by the neck-grabbing thing before they start trading elbow shots. With their bodies getting more and more sweaty and glistening, the best part for me comes at 17:00 when Mike is trapped in a chin lock. Mike’s O face is just enthralling, not to mention his full, round ass that can hardly be contained in those blue trunks.

  6. Dr.Fever says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this hot match. Great post.

  7. Indy Fan says:

    on the kinsey scale i rate it an eight a hard 8 cause i am all horned up now. these two wrestlers are trailblazers. could give joey ryan a run for his money

  8. JR says:

    Fucking fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this match! Both guys are total studs and they look incredible in their tight-ass trunks. I think this is one of my favorite matches ever, with all the hot action these dudes dish out. I’m always a fan of the cocky ladies man type of character that it constantly showing off his body and swiveling his hips, and seeing him get his nuts clawed while he does it is a fantasy come true. I’ve started watching this match a few times now and haven’t been able to get to the end because I couldn’t *ahem* contain myself. Looking forward to finishing it one of these days 😉