There’s The Rub

02oneClawA few days ago, I wrote about a classic match featuring Danny Spivey.  The next match on the same YouTube video also captured my fancy — Tonga clawing the shoulders of this masked hottie, Mr. X.

The camera gets right in there, savoring the masked man’s agony and paralysis.  It almost makes you want to reach out and touch his disabled arm, his exposed chest and stomach.

01MrXI’ve always been turned on by these Trapezius Claws. You can find plenty of examples in my archives, going back to Gallery #21 posted to my old website in the year 2000.

I think the appeal is the sudden helplessness of the victim, the sense that he is trapped.  There is something erotic about that.


02paralyzedThe mask on Mr. X also adds a kinky vibe — his identity hidden like a super-hero, or like the Sub in a dirty whips & chains fetish porn.

Even through the spandex, we sense his agony and trauma.  He uses his arm and hand to convey his distress — GREAT work!  His buff body is boner-worthy too.




05tortureSpeaking of boner-worthy Shoulder Claws, the Inner Jobber website recently posted images from this jobber squash performed by Razor Ramon.  Check it out if you get off on manly, hairy-chested studs being tortured in the pro ring.

Yokozuna digs deep into those muscular shoulders, grinding on his nerves to paralyze him.


F06shoulderubinally, I recently watched a brief clip of the Tag Team known as Massage NV, who still employ tons of Shoulder Rubbing in their matches.  They amp up the homo-erotic vibe, first by looking so sexy in their white pants, and second by making their rub downs seem pleasurable rather than punishing.  This big beefy Workhorse Man seems to be getting off on it.


07bellyrubThey capture their other Workhorse Man in a Full Nelson and torture him in a Lower Belly Rub, really kneading deep into his abs.  They had to know, when they planned out this sexy little torture scene, that it would be a huge turn-on for wrestling fans like us, right?

I’m happy to be finding so many great examples of the old Nerve Pinch still being celebrated.  I guess the really gay wrestling moves never go out of style.


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3 Responses to There’s The Rub

  1. Dino says:

    Does anybody know the identity of the masked guy getting worked over? He looks great getting owned by this heel.

  2. Phil says:

    Tonga’s claw hold was so incredibly hot. I love this gallery!. Thanks…….

  3. tombrick says:

    Thanks for this posting- the trap claw is a favorite of mine!