Destroyed and Man Handled

godderzSo I was watching wrestling videos on YouTube, like one does, and I saw a video called “Hot Muscle Man Jessie Godderz gets Destroyed and Man Handled Part 5.”

That sounds like my jam so I clicked on it right away.


The video is just 3 minutes long, but it’s packed with brief clip after brief clip of muscle-man Jessie getting punished and harmed.

And his chiseled frame is amazing.  And he is gloriously close to naked in his spectacular and colorful trunks.  Whoa, this is nice.

And apparently the favorite view of the camera man, or the video editor, or both, is a close-up on either the front or back of Jessie’s trunks.



The YouTube channel that posted this is called “JessieGodderz Fans”, yet the video focuses on Jessie in agony and losing.

Can you call yourself a fan of someone whom you want beaten?  I suppose so — one could be a fan of his selling.


05kneedGodderz is one of the buffest, most swole dudes in wrestling today.  Yet the video is edited to make it appear that he is most often dominated.

This emphasis of his weakness and vulnerability (rolling around in pink and white panties as seen here)  is a total emasculation of Mr. Pec-Tacular, which is a major power shift for this flexing Alpha Male, and therefore a big turn-on.


04heldThere are four prior clips on this same excellent channel that feature Jessie being owned by every brute, goon, and Adonis in the TNA federation.  If you want to watch 0ver 20 straight minutes of Jessie in agony, watch the following Best Of videos in succession:

Part 1 (8:57): Out-muscled.  Red trunks!  Vs. Cowboy Storm.   The Micah match.  Long-held Suplex.  Face petted by a girl.  In WHITE!

Part 2  (5:06):  Rob Terry power!  Caged abuse.  Those hot American Wolves.  2-on-1 torture. Camel.

Part 3 (3:25):  In purple. More hot Wolves.  Even Bischoff’s son can beat him up.  Foreign Heel abuse.  Trunk pulls with Gut Punches.

Part 4 (4:34)  Jamin Olivencia!  Bullied.  Split-eagle pin with face-sitting.  Eric Young in skimpy white.

02owningThis Part 5 video contains one rare scene: Jessie actually in control of the action for a moment, pulling Gunner’s hair then thrusting his package in Gunner’s face.

With this YouTube channel so focused on Jessie’s beautiful defeat and constant destruction, it’s interesting that this one moment of Jessie’s success and dominance made the cut!


02ownedGood lord, how could anyone NOT include this moment in their video clip, even if it does not align with the rest of the narrative.

We need more YouTube channels like this, dedicated to every moment of suffering by one specific wrestler-stud only.  We need you YouTubers to work together to create a fan channel for each of the wrestlers listed on the Beefcakes of Wrestling blog, down the right-hand column, which is probably the best, most up-to-date. and most comprehensive list of hot pro wrestlers in the world.


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3 Responses to Destroyed and Man Handled

  1. Indy Fan says:

    To the blogger: big thank you for the heads up. Huge Jessie Godderz fan. And yes as a fan of Godderz i want to see him used and abused. that is the purpose of watching a Jessie Godderz video. Jessie Godderz reminds me of infamous bgeast jobber Brad Rochelle. I looked forward to watching the next match to see him used and abused.

  2. K T Ong says:

    I think it’s kind of unfair to Jessie how they never let him win AFAIK. 🙁

  3. male destroyer says:

    i love his destruction, but he needs more doom